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Ted Ginn Making Plays with the Panthers

Originally posted by Rascal:
Crab was drafted before the Baalke era.
baalke was something like the scout-boss back then, iirc.
"Ted Ginn Making Playoffs with the Panthers"

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Originally posted by communist:
Originally posted by Rascal:
Crab was drafted before the Baalke era.
baalke was something like the scout-boss back then, iirc.

He was the director of player personnel which for most pro sports franchises means he is more involved with players on the roster rather than scouting and drafting. Plus as we've all repeatedly said drafting Crabtree was a no-brainer for how that whole situation played out.
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Ginn just scored the go ahead TD against the Pats. Meanwhile, we can't get anything from our receivers.

You forgot to add that he didn't do s**t all game and that was his first catch of the night. You guys are seriously overblowing Ginn's performance like he's torching the league now. Sure, he's playing better but that just means he's a mediocre WR now (vs. a terrible one).

i dont recall any protests when he left niners and signed with carolina

Neither do I. But I do recall a whole lot of posters celebrating the minute he departed.

Not everyone wanted him to go. He was hurt last year & clearly wasn't the same player. He has the same amount of TD's this year that Boldin has (3). And Boldin is our #1 receiver.

Who wanted him to stay at the time?

I've always defended Ted Ginn. He always gave us the best chance to get decent return yardage. He didn't fumble the ball for two seasons, and then he fumbled the ball on one punt and Kaepernick airmailed a handoff to him against the Rams. Suddenly everyone wanted Ginn gone. He was the best returner we've had apart from Allen Rossum in the last 10 - 15 years. I've been saying the same thing for the past two years.

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Just so we are clear, Ted Ginn has only muffed and lost one punt since coming to the Niners, and it didn't cost the Niners the game (read: Kyle Williams for two that did) That option pitch was not his fault, Kaepernick airmailed it in a very bad spot on the field where Janoris Jenkins was already all over the play.

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Originally posted by Allx9er: "who ever it may be they better know how to protect the ball."

Before Ted Ginn, there was:
Allen Rossum (The only decent returner we had, and Singletary cut him after the embarassing loss to Atlanta)
Arnaz Battle (Probably the slowest punt returner in league history)
Delanie Walker
Philip Adams (cost us a game against the Saints with fumbled punt, deep in 49ers territory)
Kyle Williams (whose infamous fumbles need no introduction, a big reason why we didn't make it to the Superbowl last year)
Kentwan Balmer (probably the most sure hands we had before Ginn)

Who else? I have nightmares when I think of our punt return game outside of Ginn. I remember I was at the game where Philip Adams coughed up the ball. I watched the punt go up in the Candlestick wind, spiraling and falling near the sideline. I just knew that he was going to fumble it. I closed my eyes and then heard a huge groan across the entire stadium.

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Originally posted by paperplanemedia:
"Ginn was another player that I felt held us back from seeing what we had in our younger players. I really liked Owusu and even with his concussion history I felt they should've taken a shot with him. Hope we don't handcuff any other guys by keeping injury prone guys on the roster."

Ginn was like a rock back there on punt returns. After years of horrible returners, Ginn was the best thing we had, and was part of our team's success over the past two years. You would think he fumbled the ball 4 or 5 times a year, based on how much the fans turned on him this season, but he only muffed one single punt in two years, and lost the airmailed handoff from Kaepernick a couple weeks later. Fans are so fickle.

cciowa is equally consistent at bashing Ginn:

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cciowa (Veteran, Posts: 20,814)
if the season began today kyle can do the job and cox is a good backup. i have a feeling that james will bust his butt on this area in the off season and could be a pleasant surprise. again i think we can not discount marlon the wide out special teams guy we got from miami. if the team keeps six wide outs, his ability to play good special teams and maybe do punts will be a plus for him and for us... that is not even taking into account the team could sign someone who can do this in the draft. really, after last year, cept for one punt return in the super bowl, does anyone remember any positive thing ginn ever dd? we got out fourth round draft choice worth out of him, good bye,
Ginn basically saved Alex single handed one Sunday returning a Punt and a kickoff for tds' and he STILL wasn't good enough?
I always defended Ginn but he dropped some passes Delanie Walker style.

Another reason I liked Ginn was because of madden lol Just streak the man.


Revis ran a 4.5 and got TOASTED.


Statline for 12/1
T. Ginn 2 rec 47 yards 1TD on a 36 yard TD reception.

Stats for the Season:

29 receptions (20 for 1st downs), 469 yards, 16.2 yards per catch (11th in the NFL, Vernon is 7th surrounded by WR's), 4 TD's, 0 fumbles, 175 YAC
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