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Snatch up Pat White?

I know we already kicked the tires on this guy not too long ago, but I must say that he has looked good in the preseason. After seeing our QB problems in the preseason, I'm thinking that he might make a better #3 (at least) than anyone we've got.on the roster. He also knows the pistol and read-option already, meaning he can probably get up to speed quickly with us, and there's no need to totally adjust the offense, as there would be with Colt and Scott, if Kaep is out for some reason.

If the Skins keep Cousins and Grossman behind RG3, I'm of the mind we should scoop Pat White up. Thoughts?
as long as it means we dunp that douchebag from Texas I'm all for it.
as long as our backup is athletic and can run the pistol we should be OK.
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i always liked pat white. i'm curious what his preseason tape looks like.
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It would be pretty hilarious if we dumped both of our traditional pocket QBs and went full retard with 4 mobile QBs on final 53 and PS. When did we work out Pat White? Wasn't it before the draft? I think when they snatched up Daniels any chance of us signing White went out the window. I think Seneca just needs to not suck and he makes the team.
It's a shame, because I thought Colt was someone that Harbaugh could maximize into a decent QB, a la Alex. In college and even a bit in the NFL, he was pretty accurate and always had decent athleticism.

I'm a little more tepid than most on Wallace. If we were to get White, I'd be tempted to keep he and Wallace for awhile, and then put Daniels on the PS until it's clear if White can be a solid #2.
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