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I'm watching preseason games and all you see are check-downs. If there's a long pass it's toward the sidelines where most of the time the receiver and the defender can't reach it. The game is being played in a ten yard area. One of the main reasons for this occurring is the lack of arm strength by the majority of quarterbacks. This is why Kaep is special, he's always looking deep. The NFL has given the offense every advantage imaginable and the result is dink and dunk.

"The NFL is not about who can make the most spectacular plays its about who can make the least mistakes."- Bill Parcells
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oh the jets
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As much as I hate to say it, the Rams are gonna be a tough tough win for anyone this year (even moreso than last year). Defense is smart and aggressive, Bradford has new weapons, and Legatron will kick them to at least 4 - 6 wins...

nah i'm not worried. the only players on the rams that worried me were jackson and amendola and their both gone
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oh the jets

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Rex Ryan finna lose his job
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Geez, what's the over / under on how many games until Carson Palmer gets injured over there in 'Zona? Their offensive line is always...
Haha, Arizona is so sad in every way...
The Jets are a circus because they're just a bunch of effin' clowns.
Im gonna miss Rex Ryans press conferences next year

I see zilch receptions for Jenkins in the box score. Some things never change.
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@ the tards

Nice way to secure the fumble lol
Arizona redzone D. Aaahahahahaha!!!!
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Mike Sando, ‏@SandoESPN

Cardinals NT Dan Williams stepped awkwardly and knee buckled. No word on severity of that.
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@ the tards

Nice way to secure the fumble lol

I was like "he better not pitch that ball back" haha the Tards are so dumb and one of their players got hurt too
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