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Seems Harbs values versatility a lot in his depth players. Ginn did not really have value as a WR so to just use him as a specialist was probably seen as a waste in their eyes? I wouldn't have minded having him around.
I agree GoldenJoe.

Cox, Williams, Hunter, and James all have return ability and CB, WR and RB for those 4 at there other spots on the team.
Precisely. Hunter was a very solid KR in his rookie year as well, IIRC.
I has a sad... I miss Ginn :(
backyard ballin' for the win!
Carolina's D is kicking ass
Dat Teddy Ginn
Marlon Brown looks better than most of our wideouts lol.
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gruden said 31 nfl teams would trade their mlb for Kuechly

would you guys trade willis for him?
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Carolina D-line has some big potential.

Originally posted by mattster03:
I has a sad... I miss Ginn :(

Don't be sad, he gets to wear the greatest NFL uniform of all time every week.....and lose in it
Originally posted by chico49erfan:
Carolina's D is kicking ass

Yea they are, enjoying watching them beat up on the ravens
f**k Kuechly is a man
Kuechly looking like a f**king god out there.
Originally posted by Esco:
f**k Kuechly is a man

He is seriously in every play within 10 yards from the LOS.
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