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Undrafted TE Zach Sudfeld

I'm starting to hear more and more buzz about this guy as being one of the better pick-ups for the Patriots after the draft - that he's already the best TE on the Pats with Gronk out. He went to Kap's school, U of Nevada, and played high school ball in Modesto, not far from Kap's high school in Turlock...anyone know about this guy and if the Niners tried to sign him as an undrafted free agent? I'm sure Kap gave them some input on him. I know we have Garrett Celek as a third TE the team has been developing - maybe the coaches are happy with his progress? He looks o.k. to me so far in the preseason...wish he was a more dominant blocker, though, considering his size. This Sudfeld guy is supposed to be a great blocker with good hands and a good route runner...could have been strong competition for Celek? Here's a link to a good scouting report on Sudfeld from NFL Draft Scout:
In addition to Celek, Marquis Grey has been getting lots of notice as the 3rd TE.
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
In addition to Celek, Marquis Grey has been getting lots of notice as the 3rd TE.

Yeah, I hear Gray has been developing as a TE at this level...these next two weeks should be interesting in the competition between him and Celek. With the pounding TEs take in the NFL, it's great if you can have quality depth there.
I've watched Zach for years here in Nevada. He has great hands but is a bit fragile. He got two years extra eligibility due to season ending injuries. He sadly didn't even get invited to the Combine, which I thought a big slight and why most experts are clueless on him.

I wondered if Kap would put in a good word for him, but if he did, for not.
Sudfeld should have a nice season. Brady will hit him often. Don't be surprised if he's a top-10 TE at the end of the year. Even when Gronk comes back, he'll take Hernandez's spot.
Jake Ballard has been back with a vengeance these last couple of weeks at Pats practice. Look out for him as well.
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