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[can someone put up the little schedule table from the process if moving and my computer access is limited to cell phone]

Best I can do from work, the feds don't like it when I upload from my computer to the WZ lol
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They are showing live look-ins on the NFL network.

Phi vs Car on right now. Ginn made a nice reception, Cam slicing them up through the air so far.
Nick Foles getting the start for Philly.
Is CAR wearing the greatest uniform of all time?
Cam Newton f**kin sucks
Shady McCoy doe
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Throw it to Keenan!!!!
Matt Ryan doing work. ATL defense can still be had though
Bears offense looked pretty good on that second series. Kyle Long is playing well.

Ravens blitzing Matt Ryan, lol
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Brad Biggs ‏@BradBiggs

That was Jay Cutler's first touchdown completion in last 111 preseason passes for #Bears
Who's this TE Cameron from Cleveland? Looks halfway legit.
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Lawd the chargers gonna be awful
Eagles looking promising with Chip Kelly
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