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Alex Smith seems to be doing well with the Chiefs

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This was a horrible game, and it was just last season!!!
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So you're saying that Alex is Cassell? Care to make a wager that Alex does better than Cassell did last year?

i'm just posting memories

Then you're posting off topic and intentionally trying to derail the thread?
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Originally posted by DRnSFw:

Final drive of SB? Seems to have a difficult time getting plays in on time. Probably someone else's fault though.
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Just think if this throw was made in the Super Bowl. Not missed on two different occasions. All out blitz and boom easy throw.

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Apparently, some of our posters are still not adult enough to discuss this topic without resorting to abuse. It is a shame, because it is a subject for discussion in a football forum. You would have thought.

Anyone migrates this attitude to the other KC thread or the CK thread is gone. There is simply no excuse any more.
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