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HoF Game - Dallas vs Miami

lol I guess I'll watch some of this.
It's football, i'm watching it lol.
Lol Kyle Orton
Orton is a solid backup doe.
I thought the Dolphins logo change was stupid at first but I think it is better actually. For the longest time I thought the Dolphin was jumping through a ring lol. I had no idea that was the sun in the background.
OMG what the f**k are those ugly ass uniforms

....and as for Miami, what the heck they do to their jerseys?!?!?!
Lol dolphins fumble on first possession
lol Miami fumbles the ball away on their first play of the season.
oh NOW they callt that a meaningless preseason game
Lamar Miller lookin like a beast
Somebody gave Cris Carter some Kane throat thrusts
Damn wassup wit all these nighas voices lol
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Damn wassup wit all these nighas voices lol

Apparently they were at the Kenny Chesney concert last night.
It looks like they put women in charge of designing those Dolphins uni's...