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A compilation of all RGIII Design Run Plays

His teammates need to learn how to block. There were a handful of plays where his blocker just looked lost and RG3 gets blasted.
Is it just me or does he not carry the pads well as compared to his 40-time? He doesn't have that explosive stride. Looks slower than Kap. That play when 18 or 16 ran, he looked much faster than RGIII whereas Kap looks like the fastest player on the field.

RGIII also doesn't not know how to fall. Dude takes some weird looking falls to the ground.

Conclusion: not gonna last.
Originally posted by mattster03:

Wow! I'll be the first to admit that I did not watch many Redskin games this year... pretty much just caught the highlights. I had no idea how many designed run plays RGIII had this past season, and it's so obvious now why he was hurting by the end of the season. This guy just cannot last carrying such a load!

i'mma start some shyt with that joto wishing CK was the one to get injured in the comments.
10 minutes of him getting hit lol
This guy ran the ball 120 times and got hit countless times on the read-option and pitch plays. He won't last much longer if that continues.

Kaep is clearly more advanced when it comes to the "read" part of the read-option.
I never paid much attention before now but is it just me or does RGIII's game speed look much slower than Kap's. I know their timed 40's are close but he doesn't look anywhere near as fast as Kap. Damn I aslo didn't realize that he carried the ball 120 times! Not real surprising that he didn't make it through the entire season.
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