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Matt Ryan Signs 5YR, 103.75 Mil Extension

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Originally posted by Young2Rice:
They need to place caps on positions now. Its getting so bad with QBs taking up a so much of the cap space.

Am I the only one that recalls Jim Harbaugh saying that he doesn't want one player taking 20% of the team's cap space, when we went after some dude named Peyton Manning

this gonna be gud
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The biggest leverage that the 49ers have is that even after this season, Kaep has another year left on his contract that pays him peanuts. If they wanted to, they could make him play out his current contract, and then franchise him the following year. So I don't think Kaep will get a record setting contract. He will probably still get a contract in the neighborhood of 20 million a year. The problem is if the 49ers only pay him something like 18 million a year, everyone will know that he got a bad deal. So what will probably happen is he will get a lower dollar amount per year, but they will do something to the contract to make it look like he is get over 20 million a year (possibly large amount in final year, or an impossible to meet condition in the contract that artificially inflates the contract like Clements).
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