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49ers acquire Eric Wright, briefly

Originally posted by sincalfaithful:

lol got damn.

Maybe Some FS action for TB or Culliver? We got smoked by the bigger WR and TE of the league.

Maybe Ashamougghaaha is really done. Maybe just veteran depth.

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Baalke with another low risk high reward move, I like it.
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Originally posted by Negrodamus:

that's what i'm talking 'bout baby! a STUD and underrated corner during his prime
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:

Originally posted by Imfasterthanur:
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:

Originally posted by GEEK:
Now I have a feeling we must be converting someone to free safety.

CB: Rogers/Culliver/Brock
CB: Brown/Wright/Cox
FS: Asomugha/Reid
SS: Whitner/Dahl/Spillman

Asomugha is best in man/press coverage, which is why he struggled in Phily.

There is no chance he gets moved to FS.
Not mad at this move. If he can keep his head on right we just got ourselves a darn good player. Carlos may have to take a pay cut to stick around
Originally posted by iLL49er:
Originally posted by valrod33:
Makes no sense. Carlos, TB, awesomemuah, and culliver, where is this dude gonna play?

makes perfect sense...competition

Agree. Let them all fight it out, may the best guy win!
Originally posted by SportsFan:
So now we are going to trade our best CB in Brown on eve of TC? You guys are crazy.

Only because, I think Harb/Balke believe, there would not be much of a drop off with Culliver/Nnamdi and now Wright. Why wait until he just walks? That's crazy to me.
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everybody will fear the "BROWN-COX" duo!
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:

Seems to go with the mantra of acquiring high character guys
Originally posted by UKNiners:
Seems to go with the mantra of acquiring high character guys

Who cares. Winning is most important.
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