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Jeff Garcia: Overrated or Underrated?

Jeff Garcia: Overrated or Underrated?

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Jeff Garcias very own Happy Feet Football Camp. How cute.

Really because I think it'd be a great little camp for Alex.

happy feet football camp, lmaoooo
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So so owned hahahaha.

Welcome to post 31.
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So so owned hahahaha.

Welcome to post 31.

Meh, didn't contain a link so it's he said she said, Willis did a much more thorough job of it.
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Originally posted by WINiner:
So so owned hahahaha.

Welcome to post 31.

Meh, didn't contain a link so it's he said she said, Willis did a much more thorough job of it.

God I hope I never get so old I can't see big blue links to click on.
NFL Talk? Really!? maybe I should've added "disrespected" as a poll option...

Jeff's a Niner, period. I'm not even going to waste my time justifying that statement.

*shakes head*
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TO was overrated. Derek Smith was the underrated one.

Garcia wasn't cut, he was a free agent and the team decided to let him walk. Please, by all means, keep demonstrating your ignorance!

He was cut.

HAhahahahahaha sooooooo owned!!


(Was on my cell and it didn't display the link)
To say he was "cut" is not really accurate and I think you know it. He was released because he was too expensive. It was a salary cap thing and let's face it - in retrospect, it was a mistake to release him. Erickson and Donahue were a disaster. This quarterback owns the all-time franchise single-season record for passing yardage.

I feel like I just dug up a time capsule.
Passionate Terrell Owens fan: "99% of everyone asked has nothing but positive things to say about Owens."

Nothing but positive things...???!!! Hooooookay.

That must be why nobody in the NFL has returned his call for the last two years. That must also be why the most common response to any question about T.O. includes a big "BUT," as in "great athlete, but..." or "productive receiver, but..."

Right. You're entitled to your opinion, but it assumes that it's just the 1% who use terms like "quarterback killer," "bad team mate" and "locker-room disruption."

Let's leave Garcia out of this for a moment. I don't see anyone defending anyone's DUI's around here so you're basically pulling that out of a dark place behind you. My opinion of TO is that he was a gifted athlete who was mentally lazy. He had an entire career to work on his drops and never did it. His drop rate during his last three seasons was just as bad as it always was. He dropped too many passes to be in the same sentence with Randy Moss or certainly Jerry Rice. If he gets to the Hall, he'll deserve it just on production alone, but it will be the second or third try and he'll never be considered close to a guy like Rice. He was a vainglorious, whining, disruptive presence on every team he played. He was a good team mate for about two seasons with the Niners but then success went to his head. He couldn't handle success mentally. It happens. That's what happened. I saw every one of his games.

You're also entitled to your opinion about Derek Smith, but personally, I think it's absurd. Smith was known to be a hard worker and a tough guy. To even imply that he was "lazy" is simply delusional.
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I notice you keep coming back with a different name. That's fine. Whatever. Most of this is just opinion, but some of the things you say are simply quantitatively incorrect. For example, you claim Jerry Rice had a higher dropped passes rate than Owens. That's just not true. Rice's worst year for dropped passes was his very first year. He dropped 15 passes. Terrell Owens dropped an average of 18 passes a year during his final three years. T.O's 12.4% drop rate during his last three active seasons was the sixth worst in the league out of over 200 receivers measured.

-- Drew Pearson (minor league GM and HOF receiver with the most recent professional appraisal of T.O. as a team mate): ""But it's not what happens between the lines with Terrell. It's how he handles things outside the lines, being Terrell Owens, dealing with the fans, being a good teammate. That's what we were really concerned with developing with Terrell."

-- From a NY Times article about his problems with the Eagles: "Owens was suspended on Saturday, two days after he criticized the organization for not publicly recognizing his 100th career touchdown catch. In the same interview with on Thursday, Owens took another shot at McNabb, saying the Eagles would be better off with Green Bay's Brett Favre."

-- Owens also reportedly got into a fight with Eagles Hugh Douglas when Douglas questioned whether T.O. was faking an injury.

-- CBS Sports on Owens trying to make it with the Seahawks: "He still appears to be the same T.O. who complains when things are not going his way," Williams writes. "

-- From a 2008 Bleacher Report article during his time with the Cowboys: "Does anyone else laugh when they watch the Cowboys' post game reaction after a loss or am I the only one? It seems to me that No. 81 has never attributed a team loss (I realize the word "team" is not in his vocabulary) to anything other than him not getting the ball thrown his way enough. Isn't this odd? I mean couldn't he just once say "we had opportunities to run on their nickel defense and failed to adjust," or "they had a good scheme and outplayed us today, I tip my hat to them." Never. I mean, those types of comments aren't so uncommon: Tom Brady said the latter after the Giants upset his Patriots in Super Bowl 42. But no, not Terrell Owens."

-- More Owens complaining while a Cowboy: "That was, of course, Terrell Owens, complaining about the number of times he got to touch the ball yesterday, kindly explaining that when the Dallas offense bogs down, it's because no one thought to actually superglue the football to his face. And in a related stat, Terrell Owens was targeted 17 times by his quarterback yesterday, which led the freaking league. In fact, only twice this year has a receiver been targeted more frequently than Owens was yesterday"

-- In an interview with Playboy magazine that hits newsstands Friday, Owens was asked if he thinks Garcia is gay. Owens responded: "Like my boy tells me: 'If it looks like a rat and smells like a rat, by golly, it is a rat.' "

Fun fact: Garcia has been married to a former Miss America for years now and they have three children together.

And for anyone delusional enough to believe Terrell Owens wasn't a complete disaster OFF THE FIELD, here's something they call "Timeline of Terrell Owens Antics"

The article speaks for itself. It should be required reading for anyone trying to figure out why someone would have a problem with Terrell Owens.
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Originally posted by GNielsen:
And for anyone delusional enough to believe Terrell Owens wasn't a complete disaster OFF THE FIELD, here's something they call "Timeline of Terrell Owens Antics"

The article speaks for itself. It should be required reading for anyone trying to figure out why someone would have a problem with Terrell Owens.
I am not a niner player but I bet you I feel the same way about owens as many of his x team mates do, even if they do not say it in public.. And that is I am sooo tired of him and I just wish he would go away , stay away and never come back. I would also bet you that very soon some tell all books will come out by people like mcnabb, x cowboys, hell maybe even garcia and they will talk about how much of a cancer and divider he was in the locker room
This is a funny thread.

Since the Walsh regime began, Garcia is the 4th best QB of the 49ers (including Kap). I agree with many that his mechanics were cringeworthy. It was insulting watching him hop into the air before throwing a pass. His frenetic style lent itself to close wins but a fundamentally unsound offense. We were never a legit offense under Mooch/Garcia.

However, until the first Ram's game of last season, he was still a better QB than anyone we've had since his departure. (I was really pulling for Dorsey- if he were given some continuity, a season or two (maybe with some time on the bench) under the same head coach/offense he would have been a HOF. )

But, and I regret being sucked in- and sarcasm aside, the politics of this thread are intriguing.

As a fan who was born and raised in SF, who learned to cuss at Candlestick, who has been going to my same family seats since I was a yard high in the 70's, and as a grown man who maintains a profound affinity for both the 49ers and True San Francisco-I am appalled by the amount of temerity of this site to contrarian opinions. This City was built on the beliefs of the fringes, at least since 1849. Nor has it ever fed on the mean.

I don't always agree with many posters, but that doesn't mean I don't welcome their thoughts. GN makes great points, I don't always agree but he posts well. Chip is funny as sh*t, but I don't always agree. Even the ceadderman, crazy as it sounds, made the conversation better. In either case, they are adding to the narrative. Obviously there are senior posters that enjoy rabblerousing within safe confines in a manner that is as politically correct as it is otiose, but even those folks are adding to the conversation (albeit in a medium more reflective of a bad soap-opera than cogent argument, but whatever - we all have our passions).

In any event, I'm just confused as to why someone like Taney- who seems to have as much skin-in-the-game as any other fan on here, who has a good understanding of football, and who is incredibly opinionated, has any less import on the conversation. We care about presentation more than content?

Patrick Willis, Justin Smith, Colin Kap, and Jim Harbaugh wouldn't ban anyone from talking. Mike Nolan would. John York would. Singletary would.

Maybe this site is more reflective of a safe sf rather than the Old SF. And I know, I don't have to be here. But just as the current iteration of our team, you don't get better being safe. San Francisco was built on tolerance with an iron backbone (or gold depending on how you want to look at it). Anything goes - but you gotta stand up for it.

Jeff Garcia broke the paradigm of what a prototypical QB "needed" to be. He did a damn fine job considering. I could barely stand watching him play. I respect his success.

Go Niners.

The strangest thing about this very strange fan's post: I saw some statistics that showed T.O. to have the sixth highest drop percentage at 12.4% during his last three seasons. These numbers were at an site. Amazingly, this Terrell Owens fanatic posts the following:

You just flat-out made this up. Owens only dropped 18 passes in his career once - in 2006, when he was playing the majority of the season with a broken finger. Unfortunately for you, this information is actually retrievable. It's your funeral:

But if you actually follow the link and read the PFF article, it has Owens listed as the third highest drop percentage at 12.5% which is worse than I said he was. And, "it's my funeral"??!!

Evidently, this poster is so stricken with raging man-love for Terrell Owens that he can't even read the charts he has posted to show I'm wrong. The difference between the two numbers is easy to explain. The drops percentage are based on what the reviewers view as "catchable balls." Obviously, and PFF looked at things a little differently. But the funniest thing is that our Terrell Owens fan club president here makes a fool out himself trying to prove that I'm wrong.

One more time: calm down, T.O. lover. I think everyone agrees that Terrell Owens was an incredible athlete and an incredible talent. I fully expect him to make the Hall of Fame. What else do you want? I have my opinions about the rest of it. As someone who has been following the Niners and watching their games for over 50 years, my opinion is that he became a classic diva receiver once he experienced some success and that he was a disruptive influence on every team for which he played. I am also of the opinion that his hands were lacking WHEN COMPARED TO THE ALL TIME GREATS. I'm entitled to the opinion that he was disruptive as a team mate. I'm not the only one with that opinion (hint: you should know I'm not the only one with that opinion if I can easily find an article called "Timeline of T.O.'s Antics"). You are entitled to your opinions.
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I love this. Jeff Garcia told Browns "I'm ready" RT @KeithBritton86: #Browns told Garcia they're moving forward w/Weeden & Campbell #2
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