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Best receiving tandems of ALL time!!!

Originally posted by Milkman:

When did we wear these uni's? 1995? I've never seen (don't remember seeing) the combo of the '94 "throw back" pants with the modernized "cardinal" jerseys and modern helmet???

You dont remember those unis? Really?? In 1994 we wore the throwback shadow numbers with white pants for the NFL anniversary week. (Based on superstition we ended up wearing them almost every week for the rest of the season). In 1995 we went back to the classic unis. In 1996 and 1997 we wore those pictured above. New logo, darker red, new helmet/pants/sleeve stripes, logo on sleeve, new red facemask color, etc.

It was during the new wave of NFL uniforms in the mid-late 90's. Teams went with darker colors, more sleek logos, and some switched to a glittery painted helmet. Involved teams like the 49ers, Eagles, Broncos, Buccaneers, and a little later the Rams and Seahawks,

In 1998 we decided to ditch the white pants and go back to gold, but keep everything else pretty much the same. Thats when we added the logo to the pants as well.

When I think of the 1996-1997 uniforms, I think of muddy, devastating playoff losses to the Packers, and injuries to Rice and Young.
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FItz and Boldin should be on that list
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