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Dahl says Rams are "Up and coming"

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if you go beyond our num nuts kicker, walkers drop and of course the lovely fake toss reverse on our own goal line with ginn in those game,,,, its like we have some sort of a mental block against that team,, when was the last time we actually played well and kicked the rams ass

Oh, I agree. Those two games were ridiculous with respect to how flat and out of sync the Niners were and how up and ready the Rams were. But, to answer your last question, the last time the Niners really kicked the Rams' ass was the 2011 home game - Niners 26, Rams 0. The Niners won that game to secure a playoff berth for the first time since 2002. Alex Smith had 274 yards, 2 TD passes, no interceptions and a QB rating of 142, the highest of his career. Akers had four field goals. The defense just stoned them - held them to 157 total net yards and ZERO rushing first downs.

Thank you G. I did not realize it was actually recent. It just seems like we have struggled against them for f**king ever
For the three years since Bradford, Niners are up 3-2-1 in the series. And the Rams didn't finish with a winning record in any of those years.

In 2010, SF won by a field goal in OT and lost the other game by 8 points.
In 2011, SF had the beat down GN references 26-0, and then won the second game of the season 34-27.
All he said is they are "up and comming", to me that's the same as saying they are "alright". What is he supposed to say, that the Rams are a piss poor team and that's why I left them? You call it like you see it, if a team is good admit it, if they are middle of the road admit it, if they are trash then just keep your mouth closed.
I guess, since there's no where to go but up
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cc, you're too kind. Thank you.

I expect Reid to be starting, but I also think Dahl is better than some people around here think and I believe Goldson wasn't quite as good as a lot of people around here think. I expect Reid to be much better at defending the pass, but Dahl is crafty and he's a good tackler. His problem is that he gets out of position and loses track of receivers. But, possibly coaching and scheme can help that. At any rate, though, it's probably a moot point because Reid is more than likely going to be the starting free safety.

I'm all for being optimistic about any player on this team, but based on what I've seen from Dahl, I doubt you two will be right about him. I'm sure he'll contribute on special teams, but he's making too much to just contribute on 10 plays per game.

People rag on him because Safety was a position of need and many thought we were filling that need with Dahl, who, quite frankly, sucked in STL. Shine whatever light you'd like on him, but the guy was weak as hell in coverage. Being that our secondary had problems covering receivers, adding a guy who sucks in coverage is not going to go over well with most fans. This is why Dahl is the whipping boy here.

Do I think he can be coached up? Sure. Will he? Who knows. But based on his current body of work, would I say he is any good? Absolutely not.
Dang. I just saw that the Rams have the 2nd and 13th pick in the 2014 draft. If their scouting department has half a brain, they will be unstoppable in a year or two. They can get Clowny or parlay the 2nd pick into a boat load of potential high quality picks. They already have a stacked young roster. Lets just hope they swing for the fences and miss.
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Well, does "up and coming" mean that they came up to Seattle and got their asses kicked?
If I'm the Rams I go QB w/ their first pick if Bridgewater is there.
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We should cut Dahl just to see what he'd say next.

Are you sure they don't Mean Harvey Dahl, the Rams guard?

wondering this aswell
every year I think the Rams are gonna do something. Every year they do nothing.
Rams could have proved something by beating Seattle, but like the Rams of old, they FAIL.

Well they will get their QB this year. What a trade. They give up a #2 overall for a #6 overall, a high 2nd round pick, and two more first round picks, including this year's #2 overall. If nothing else, the Rams will have some serious talent.
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If the rams can get a qb and a wr they should start making some serious noise. Until then they are just wasting that defense that they have
They're an average team in the strongest division of the NFL.
They are indeed.
The Rams are an average team at best that always beat 1 or 2 elite teams a year that makes you think they're up and coming
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