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Putin jacked Robert Kraft's super bowl ring

"Goodell is trippin' man. He wants me to ask for my ring back. You know I wouldn't trip."

-Bob Kraft
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That dude straight punked Kraft! lmao
Yea i read that article this morning. LOL.

Originally posted by niner4life21:

what does he even mean by 'I can kill someone with this ring'....?

Means a trained KGB assassin can murder someone with a big-ass diamond-encrusted ring.
old news
Robert Kraft is a billionaire, I think he can afford to make another ring...just a hunch.
Oh shut..I am dying with laughter at some of these comments. Hilarious.
Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:
Putin is so bad ass
Originally posted by pwillis52beasty:
Lol I like this comment... - Putin was just sending Roger Goodell a message. "That's how you deal with Spygate."


Putin is ice, he's a master of getting rid of any opposition.

^ not a good time to ask for a raise
Very old story.
"From what I heard of this story, after the KGB and the White House reviewed the the tapes of the whole incident, it was ruled a fumble of the ring into Putin's hand and not a forward pass of kindness for the people of Russia. I guess it was just some vague stupid rule that Russia passed and never applied until this important moment."
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Originally posted by HALCIONDAZE:
Very old story.

Difference is now Kraft is coming out and admitting that the State Department told him to fabricate the story that the ring was a gift, when it was in fact taken.
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