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Teams like yours did last year will still this year circle us on their calendars as the measuring stick game and we will win most of our contests again even thoug these same teams have went back to college trying to devise schemes to stop us. The only serious injuries we have are to Crabtree and Cully, everything else will be resolved as the season begins. We have teams like the Steelers not on our schedule studying us and we will still win. We are still going to win this division handily. way too much talk for a team that doesn't even know which city it will be playing games in in 2 seasons.

I'm going to go ahead and make a list of excuses for the Niners' fans for week 4:

We would have won except (1) We missed a field goal and you made the field goal and that's not fair (2) We dropped passes and that's not fair (3) We were tired and that's not fair (4) We weren't wearing fresh panties and that's not fair.

Pick one when needed.

Are you being funny right now? Because nobody is laughing.

I didn't know drafting in the top ten every year would give one so much confidence.

If you want to stick around here I suggest you alter your trollish posting style.