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Brandon Browner wants to wring Harbaugh's neck

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No mention of that road schedule in any of these articles comments. I'd be a bit Leary of talking too much before seeing that team play on the road. They're going to have to beat the teams SF beat on the road last season in order to win the NFC West. The fans talk as though its fact they're going to win the Superbowl.
Anthony Davis won't let it happen. He is the Harbaugh body guard after games.

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They are really embracing this bad guy thing up there in Seattle . I mean who gets busted for roids then says he wants to choke people who comment on it. Whew they are some straight fool ass thugs...

The team takes after the coach, no surprise. I mean our players talk s**t too but not to the extent to where we pull death threats, even if its obviously not true. I mean Carlos Rogers talked a lot of s**t but he was respectful when he needed to. I remember when he was gonna do the salsa at the giants game but he refrained from doing so because Cruz said it was for his grandma.

I agree. Pete Carrol doesn't give a damn what his teams do off the field. The guy knows his x's and o's, but he has no class and his team has no class.

Agreed. I am a UCLA fan and have had to endure the antics of Ole Cheatin' Pete for years -- first at U$C and now in the same division again in the NFC West. One thing I can tell you is the Carroll can get nasty and he encourages his players too as well. For example, he's ran up the score purposely, talked trash, gone for two point conversions and Hail Marys when the game is already out of reach. And who can forget all the bribery he turned his head to at U$C.

It doesn't surprise me one bit his players have a cheating problem. They have for years and the reason is because they don't respect him. He tried to hard to be a players coach and be liked. He's the total opposite of Tom Coughlin (one of the top three coaches imo)-- lets just say that.

The media is doing everything they can to get this rivalry going. They are really instigating this whole thing and they are doing a great job so far,
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nah that was more jim rome being an unprofessional D-bag
Jesus, the Hawks have turned into a more classless organization than even the Raiders (of old). Seriously. Pete has ZERO control of his players...on and off the field (obviously). In fact, it's pretty safe to say his team mirrors his own personal Napoleon-complex issues with Harbaugh. Players always mirror their coaches. It's time for the NFL to step in beyond the roid-abuse and shut he and the other mouths on their team up. Young NFL fans look up to these fools.
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nah that was more jim rome being an unprofessional D-bag

Too true, still cracks me up every time I watch it
Uncle Petey caught administering a small dose of HGH to Browner during morning stretches.

Just one of many examples of the patients running the insane asylum in Seattle. Talk about bad character, Browner has some issues... "I'd put my hands around his neck", sounds like a psychopath to me who's in desperate need of some bipolar medication. Can't wait for the game in Seattle, it's gonna be a blood bath! :)

Psy·cho·path: A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse.

If the shoe fits?
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Just to add one more thing... Seattle is the most over-rated team in the league, and they, as well as their fan base are believing all the hype. Mark my words, Seattle is in for a rude awakening and won't make the play-offs this season.
Cool story, who's brandon browner?
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like i said, people talk tough when they are scared
Originally posted by DRUSTOPO:
Too true, still cracks me up every time I watch it

Rome can be a real dick, but that is too funny. Do we all know why Rome was calling him Chris on the air after the great tennis player, Chris Everett? His point was that maybe Everett was better suited to tennis. That stemmed from the '89 NFC Championship game when Everett got so flustered by the Niner pass rush that he ended up sacking himself on one play. It's on the NFL films highlight of the game. The Niner pass rush is converging at one point and he just goes down in the pocket without being touched. When he first came into the league, they were calling him "the next Joe Montana." Funny.
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