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Brandon Browner wants to wring Harbaugh's neck

Somebody call the cops. He's threatening a great man's life.
Listen.. I work at that radio station. They all think the C-hocks have already won the Lombardi Trophy, talking 14-2 and all...Never, and I mean never have I heard so much crap talk from our on air personalities or from another team that has won absolutely nothing..not even Dallas back in the day. Dallas!!! Keep threatening our players, our coach, you filthy a**es. A` beat down for the ages awaits you the second week, jack wagons.....

By the way, I don't see any fleahock players in Visa ads...

Eat a big bag of d**ks, Pete, Brandon and Dick...I mean Richard.

"What would I do? . . . I'd cheat some more!"
Yikes!! When Browner puts them 8 inch pythons into action ....look out Harbaugh
he's used to putting his hands around WR's necks all the time so it shouldn't be much of a surprise
What an idiotic, worthless roided out punk. Typical Seachicken trash. He definitely belongs on that cheating a55 team. This guy deserves to be suspended for half of the year no pay.
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Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
he's used to putting his hands around WR's necks all the time so it shouldn't be much of a surprise

lol this lol

dude can't cover s**t, he just does pi all day.
Harbaugh kept his statements clean if you ask me. He said "he noticed" what was taking place over there. They might be roid raging over there or something they're far too emotional for me.

Why he made it personal about something like that is strange, Harbaugh wouldn't like to bad mouth one of his former players too bad so he halted his tongue on the matter. Browner needed to slow down, and as a drug taking unit that they have become under the PeteCheat regime they need to have a collective statement that they use when these issues are brought to them by the press.
Second of all they got they s**t pushed in by Washington last year, until RGKnee went down on live television. They were done. They couldn't run they couldn't throw against a team with no safeties and late in the game they began the excessive use of the hands defense that we have all come to know and love. I don't care for these guys at all.
Pete's house of cards will collapse and he'll be long gone. Remember, he left USC right before that program tanked.

And the hate grows on!
Not a fair matchup. Jim's not roiding out.
Roid Rage! Roid Rage! Stay off the juice Brandy!
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Don't worry folks, it's just the roids talking.
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