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Smith with the Chiefs, 2 out of 3 wobbly passes

I had to chuckle when they talked about Smith being Steve Young like for the KC Chiefs. Watch the first 45 seconds of the video and I see 2 out of 3 passes looking like wobbly ducks.
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I bet he can go 13 for 13 from the 3 point line though
i saw one wobbly pass
I find this very strange. You watch that video and you see three passes. Each pass is right on the money. Yes, the spirals aren't tight. And, the remark is "wobbly ducks." Just weird. The piece is about how the Chiefs players may be getting a little carried away in their effusive praise for Alex Smith; how he's doing so well that they're prematurely comparing him to Steve Young, which Eric Davis sitting on the couch obviously finds amusing. So, Chiefs players like him a lot. The video shows three completions right on the money....

And Niner fan sees "wobbly ducks." Like I said, just weird.
This started off silly and will only get worse.
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