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Luke Kuechly can take LB torch from Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher.

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Kuechly isn't as fast as either Bowman or Willis. They're similar in strength. But comparing the number of tackles is absurd because Bowman plays next to Willis.

What bothers me about the article is that he compares Kuechly's 103 rookie season tackles to Urlacher's 102 and Lewis' 99 tackles.

But, Patrick Willis had 135 tackles in his rookie season!

Bottom line: I agree with Dr. Bill Walsh.
To be fair, he said he wanted to focus on a player that was currently under 25. Luke Keuchly appears to be the best under 25 MLB, though you could make a case for Bobby Wagner of SEA.

Keuchly was very good as a rookie. Stats don't mean much for ILB's, so they shouldn't even be mentioned. Every ILB who starts 16 games will put up nice tackle numbers. You have to watch the games to get a feel for their impact. I watched both Lewis and Urlacher as rookies, particularly Urlacher as I was living in Chicago at the time. Those guys were AMAZING as rookies.

Willis was also far more superior as a rookie, and he should have been mentioned with Lewis and Urlacher. My jaw never hit the floor when I watched Keuchly. He's a great tackler with impeccable instincts, but those other 3 guys had 1st ballot HOFer written all over them the second they hit the field. They were superior athletes in every way.
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It might be that old East Coast bias. Because to be honking about Urlacher's 102 and Keuchly's 103 while forgetting Willis' 135 is just silly. And, that's almost 50 more tackles than Bobby Wagner's 87. Also, let's not forget that Willis followed that rookie season with two more that were both more tackles than this guy is drooling on about - something like 114 or in that area.
Navarro Bowman had 96 tackles, just seven less than Kuechly, and he plays next to Patrick Willis! Come on.
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LOL, The f**k? Has Gil Brandt's dumbass ever heard of Patrick Willis or Navorro Bowman?

Kuechly is a stud, but he ain't no Willis or Bowman. C'mon man!

Brandt is a dumbass but Kuechly will be the best MLB in three years IMO. The article should be taking the torch from Willis, who IMO had that torch 3-4 years ago.

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What is all the fuss? An 80 year old guy touts a player as the Next Big Thing, so what. I think the real story is that at 80 years old Gil Brandt is still earning. I'm sure his underpaid interns do all the work.
Who cares?! Consider the source. We all know who took and who now holds the torch. Non-issue. Offseason bs.
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parking lot tawk, shun. You ain't bout that lyfe.

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