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Atlanta Falcons New Stadium Concepts

Originally posted by 24plus25er:
It's not s stereotype nor is it homophobic... it's a statistic... there are a LOT of openly gay black men in ATL.

So the sports fan base in San Francisco, Boston, Minneapolis, and Seattle all suck too?

Gay folks make up an as high or higher % of the population in all of these cities as they do Atlanta.

I'm sure 9ers fans, Pats fans, Vikings fans, and Hawks fans would all be surprised to learn they suck because there are too many gay people in their cities for your liking.
Originally posted by Bali-Niner:
+1 on post/answer --> moderating other peoples way of communicating, not so good

Originally posted by 24plus25er:
Just to clarify I don't have any issues with our gay/lesbian community, nor am I saying gays/lesbians don't watch/support sports team. But if you know the culture amongst blacks (gay/straight/whatever) in Atlanta you wouldn't dispute this or make a big deal about it. Just watch a few episodes of Real Housewives of Atlanta or Love and Hip-Hop, and trust me you will whole heatedly agree. lol.

I'm a simple man. I don't need things like vibrating chairs for every hit. I'm not playing madden. What I want, is a cup holder, seats that are comfortable, maybe something with a little cushion, great sight lines, large open areas to walk around and not feel like a f**king cow being herded, more bathrooms so I don't have to spend half time and half of the third quarter waiting in line, more food stands for the same reason, and wifi. It SUCKS trying to post on webzone from candlestick. I love the fact that the concourse will be wide open. It's just like baseball stadiums where you can turn around and BAM! the game is right there! oh, and TV's at the stands are nice too.
Originally posted by 24plus25er:
It's not s stereotype nor is it homophobic... it's a statistic... there are a LOT of openly gay black men in ATL. In my book that would be no different than pointing out the fact that there is low attendance at church in a town full of atheist. The only reason I pointed out the race is because ATL is in a large part filled with African Americans. The reason I pointed out my race was to SHOW it's not a stereotype or any sort of racist tension.

Your statement is that most of the "would be" fan base in Atlanta is comprised of gay African-American males. I seriously doubt that since the gay population as a whole is about 10% of the population. But, to back up your claim, you say "it's a statistic."

Fine. If it's a statistic, I'm sure you can provide the reference for this number. Link please.
Since I doubt you really have any factual data to back up your claim, I went and got it for you. The entire LBGT community of Atlanta comprises about 12.8% of the population. Since gay black males would be a subset of that percentage, I strongly doubt that most of the fan base would be gay black males.

I'm not sure why anyone needs to know these numbers, but you can find them here:
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Negotiations break off over land for new Falcons stadium
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