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BJ's Bang Bus of Ball Busting

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trade kap and start him
baalke aint even trying anymore! could of at least took a chance on da rick.......!!!!!
I can't ever complain about a BJ
He's a really good athlete. Not much of a passer. Does he stick at QB, or make a position switch?
Originally posted by 49erFaithful6:
I can't ever complain about a BJ

career stats 52 td, 39 ints 8436 yards, 2056 rushing yards in 4 years
first year had 3 tds 2 ints and 7 rush yards so subtract that (he had 5 years total)

Good #'s fits us, ps qb, surprised we went him over matt scott.
camp fodder / RW practice squad scout QB
Almost definitely a developmental QB, but his report says he also worked out at WR and DB drills at his pro day. Given out penchant for position changes, maybe a CB prospect?

Barrows just tweeted he has been trying out at RB and WR for teams. I like it, low risk high reward and he's really gifted running with the ball. There are videos on youtube of him, worth watching.
never met a BJ i didn't like.
Practice squad QB. Russell Wilson clone to practice against. Nice pick-up. I was also wondering if FO is considering him as a slot WR in the Hines Ward mold who was also a college QB.
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Use Both Kaepernick and Daniels in Read Option plays
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