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Originally posted by Need4Speed:
Sounds like he is a redshirt. Which is good because he will need to get the strength back and we don't need him yet. I think this is a rehab/ playbook year for Lat. He won't be lazy, he will get a paycheck, and he will be very good for us next year. We have 3 capable backs but now we have insurance for a downslide on the aging Gore. So smart to get him this year when we don't need yet.

Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Even if Lattimire

This is my favorite pick out of all of ours. When he's healthy he's going to be great. Talent wise he was the best back in the draft and first round talent.

Take it slow no rush Marcus!
Originally posted by ninersrule4:
This is my favorite pick out of all of ours. When he's healthy he's going to be great. Talent wise he was the best back in the draft and first round talent.

Take it slow no rush Marcus!

same he is going to be Gore 2.0
KICK A$$!!
Great pick if he comes back to his fomer self before his injuries. He just seems like a special player. Im rooting for him.
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:

I came away impressed after watching this interview. He seems like a really good person.
New 49er fan here from Duncan, South Carolina (Lattimore's hometown) (Not a bandwagon fan though) Really enjoyed seeing the 49'ers incorporate some pistol/spread style stuff this past season with Kaepernick. The fierce style you guys play with offensively and defensively is also a joy to watch. Not to mention Harbaugh coaching. What a coach. I'll definitely be here for a while and have been following the 49'ers every game the last two seasons. Never really had a favorite NFL team in the carolina's (I followed the panthers here and there)

As for Lattimore, I went to highschool and played HS football with him at Byrnes. Byrnes won back to back state titles with him at RB and also made it again but lost in the state title after that. That carried right over to SC, and he is one of the main reasons we have gone 11-2 the last 2 seasons. All I can say is what you see is what you get with Lattimore. The great things you hear about him are all true. He quickly became fan's favorite gamecock to ever put on a carolina uniform. Holds the school record for TD's in a career and did it all in 29 games. Basically the equivalent of 2 seasons. Not only is he liked because of his ability to find the endzone (Incredible red-zone runningback) but because of the way he represented his hometown, his state, and his school with outstanding character. Coach Harbaugh hit the nail on the head when he said marcus was a "Unique" person. At SC if you were late to morning workouts you were required to do stadium steps. This is a guy that would run the stadium steps with the guys who were late and when they asked why he was doing it he would simply say "Because your my team-mate and were going to do this together" How does that player not give his all out there for his team after that? That is the kind of person Lattimore is. He has a positive effect on the team as a whole. He scored a TD on his very first carry of his freshman year in highschool and never let his foot off the pedal until his unfortunate injury. (that by the way he bounced back from and was having an even more productive junior season statistically until the injury against Tennessee took him out again)

Sorry for the long post, but your basically getting the greatest player that many of us in this state have ever witnessed touch a football. And like I mentioned earlier he's twice the person off the field as he is on it.
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Originally posted by TheG0RE49er:
show me a starting running back in college that doesn't get catches or yards. he has improved his pass catching since coming as a freshman, but those stats were nothing special. when you run the ball 30-40 times a game like carolina did, of course you're gonna catch the defense for a couple of check downs to your RB. He's a not a player that you can depend on in a passing game to run correct routes and make some tough catches, like frank did, when the pass protection broke down.

Sorry but deadly inaccurate on that one.. In 2010 he had 412 receiving yards as a RB with an average of 14.2 yards per catch. That same season he had 133 receiving yards on 4 catches with 2 TD's against Kentucky IN THE FIRST HALF. One of his biggest attributes is his ability to pass block then catch out of the backfield. We utilized him heavily on screens, swing passes, WHEEL routes, and underneath checkdowns. Hell, at one point lattimore even led the team in receptions at the halfway point of the season! He was notorious for making a good pass block then running underneath as an outlet for the QB.

@ 0:25, @ 0:45, @ 0:52, @ 1:38, @ 1:45, @ 2:05, @ 2:15, @ 3:00, @ 4:22, @ 5:27 ALL GREAT EXAMPLES OF PASS CATCHING AND YARDS AFTER CATCH.

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good info thanks noob
Thanks for the insight Gamecock. I watched Lattimore at South Carolina on tv (im in Vegas) since his freshman year and hoped back then the Niners would get a chance to draft him somehow. I'm happy he is a Niner and know what he brings to the table. I really think he is going to be more elusive than Gore in the open field and you are definitely right about his ability in the passing game. Welcome to the zone.
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Thanks Gamecock! He sounds like a guy that will be successful in life. He's got the time so hope he heals up well=]
i cant wait til this guy is healthy. he was a beast in school and he sounds like a great person. hard not to be rooting for the guy. kinda sucks for Kendall Hunter and LaMichael James because this guy is definitely gonna be the top dog when he gets to 100% and Gore calls it quits. hes like the second coming of Frank Gore except i think Marcus is even more gifted physically. the level of heart and determination this guy has is off the charts, just like frank gore. its gonna so much fun watchin the most talented backfield in football tear it up!
Originally posted by Need4Speed:
Originally posted by JD81:

I know...gotta step my mancave TV game up....But I had to post this. Working on my reaction for every 49ers pick as well.

Glad I wasn't the only one jumping LOL

Was that me you were texting at the end of the video lmao

why did some teams completely remove him from their draft board ?

also has anyone ever came back from this type of injury before ?
seems like he isnt much of a hard worker or a good teammate

doubt he ever sees the field