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The Quinton Patton Tank of Truth

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Wow just got home from the Utes game so didn't get to watch. Seeing this is very very exciting! If Pattons skills can translate into the NFL then he is going to be good. Been skeptical but am now a believer after the last 2 games. What a steal.
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Mambo number 5 is all i hear when Patton starts dancing, im beginning to believe that's a problem.....

When you are scoring TDs, no1curr how you dance...
Lol I agree, i was merely pointing out that maybe I have a problem

You're right, if I was experiencing Lou Baga hallucinations I would be concerned
Patton is the only young WR on our team I can say "wants it more" than others. -Doesn't quit, can make any catch, deadly in the 'screen'.
This kid is a stud. Baalke fudged up on the Jenkins pick, but his kid makes up for it.
Just a great nite, cementing his pick as one of the starting 3.
Originally posted by SofaKing:
This kid is a stud. Baalke fudged up on the Jenkins pick, but his kid makes up for it.

No doubt.
Originally posted by NickSh49:
His dance is HILARIOUS.

As long as he does that about 10x this year, I will be ecstatic.
the more he does, the less I miss Crab
Originally posted by Ballistic:
the more he does, the less I miss Crab

which will make contract time very interesting.....

Originally posted by okdkid:
Watch the Chargers player, #35, that Patton owns on the move. Dude duck walks backward 7 yards!
Marcus Cromartie, Antonio's cousin
i wonder if he will keep 11 or if hes waiting for another number to open up? im gonna make a patton name plate or just duct tape to go over my alex smith jersey lol
Originally posted by ninermedic:
so much for all the talk that he wasn't fast enough

But it's true.

When put in his underwear, running in a straight line, did you know that AJ Jenkins runs 40 yards a tenth of a second faster than Patton? An entire TENTH.
We've now lost that ability with Patton filling in for Jenkins.
Originally posted by zillabeast:

It is hard to describe how amazing this play is.

At first glance, it might look like he did the same thing that Moore did; just juke the defender and run by him, but it was much more than that.
Patton caught the ball, and runs UP FIELD to the inside, then, in an instant of time, he changes his mind and moves BACKWARDS and to the right, and backs out of where he was originally going to change course to the other side of the field. Then he has the speed and control to find the best lane down the sidelines. All of this was done on pure instinct, with extreme quickness. Reminds me of something Victor Cruz would do.

This wasn't just some simple lateral movement juke (which he has also done), this was a WOW play.
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