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The Quinton Patton Tank of Truth

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my GOD

i love this guy!
HOLY s**t this guy really is the truth...YES!

i don't think a preseason play has ever pumped me up so much

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he and moore just make plays. i am feeling pretty good about our wide outs this year. i bet you crabtree is rehabbing like a madman
7-11 Connection, two weeks straight! Woooooaah
*Pimp walks around the thread*

i missed it, what happened
This guy should be the starter. He's better than Kyle Williams.
So boss. Like his dance more than Victor Cruz.
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Can someone gif the play

Damn this kid is no joke!
So can we safely say Patton will make the team?
Originally posted by jreff22:
i missed it, what happened

Highlight of the pre season! Kaepernick and Patton went yard on the opening series. Marlon Moore continues to look good as well.

Reports of the 49ers passing game being dead seems to be highly exaggerated.
Jizz everywhere
Patton Got an inkling since they drafted this dude. He proved some of us right
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