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New 49er Corey Lemonier

good find since he wasted his last year at Auburn on a crap team
No such thing as too many pass rushers!
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Nice. We have a stockpile of ultra athletic pass rushers.
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Aldon SMith wannabe! I like!
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Originally posted by LifelongNiner:
Originally posted by Jcool:
Looks to be a sack guy that probably could gain a few LBS. Perfect guy to give Aldon Smith a breather.
This. I think his only job will be to line up and go get the QB. Aldon Smith Lite from 2011.

Originally posted by DonnieDarko:

They will go good together...

STRENGTHS - Lemonier has very good height, length and bulk for the position and with time in an NFL weight room, should be able to pack on additional muscle to his frame. He consistently demonstrates explosive speed off the snap, and flashes the agility and quickness to be a constant pass rush threat on the edge. He looks comfortable and fluid dropping into coverage, and does an excellent job of reading his keys and locating the ball quickly.

WEAKNESSES - While he consistently defeats his man on the edge, Lemonier tends to get upright once free, which limits his ability to change directions and finish at the QB. His upright play also causes him to miss high on too many tackles that he should be able to lower his shoulder and explode through. He is not aggressive with his hands, which makes it too easy for blockers to lock onto him and sustain blocks, in particular against the run.

SUMMARY - Corey Lemonier is certainly not without his faults as a prospect, but he has outstanding potential as an edge rusher and the natural instincts to help him transition to a new position at the NFL level. His combination of speed, agility and explosiveness makes him a constant edge threat, and he possesses the quickness needed to employ a wide array of moves in space. While he constantly pressured the QB in games I graded, he did not finish as often as he is clearly capable of in large part to his bad habit of getting upright and a bit rigid. However, he displays enough fluidity at the LOS and dropping into coverage to lead me to believe this is a very coachable issue. He must also improve his hand usage, as he does not do a good job of fighting off blockers at the LOS and can be particularly exposed on inside runs. While his flaws may be enough to scare some teams into waiting for him to fall to day two, I expect others to fall in love with his explosiveness off the ball as well as his read and react skills. He would be an outstanding fit in Pittsburgh or San Francisco, with teams that run 34 fronts and will be patient with his development.

-Russ Lande
I like the pick and the fact that we have already stockpiled picks for next year too.
we can now rotate our starters on the dline and LBs

Anybody know what pick besides #93 we give up to move up? ???
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I've been saying all offseason how I think our defense is possibly regressing. Not so sure about that anymore. We have a S going to fight for starting time, and a couple lineman that can at the very least be subs. I think this puts us right back on par where we were last year now. Not so worried.
I love these picks man. Straight up, hard nosed, hit you in the mouth kind of players, and teams already fear our D. This is f**king ridiculous.
Great pick! Getting some depth on the front seven.

We're very quietly having a great draft. I love that everyone is talking about how good the other teams drafts are.

Baalke and Harbs ballin.

Still no 1 in the west.
There's a trend on how the 49ers pick their D-Line Baalke loves high motor players.
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