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New 49er Corey Lemonier

Originally posted by Kolohe:
Just watched this play now.

Any links to the game?
Originally posted by rammer:
This guy is special. I'm now happy we didn't draft Bruce Irvin, if he was available at our pick.

Lemonier on third down across Aldon is going to spin out opposing offenses before the snap!

I think what will happen, is that when the quarterback sees those two on the field together, he will spike the ball dead, and then complain to the referees that having those two players rushing off the edge is an unfair advantage. I am worried that the refs might agree and penalize us for it.
Originally posted by Kolohe:
Why throw Lemonier into the fire so soon, why not just ease him into the position. Bring him along like they did Aldon Smith, Brooks will probably be gone after 2015.

I didn't mean immediately, but I hope he eventually steals Brooks' job and the Niners trade Brooks for a DB. Maybe next offseason. Brooks is a great OLB in his own right, but why not ride the cheap youngster with a higher ceiling for a few years & spend the money (Brooks' salary) on a position of more dire need?

Here's how I see it: I think Lemonier will eventually be better than Brooks. I think Lemonier could end up being one of the 2 or 3 best pass rushers in the entire 2013 draft. I think he would've been a top 15 pick if he went back to school and the Tigers weren't such a mess on defense. I think Lemonier is a better prospect than Barkevious Mingo is. Brooks is too good & expensive to be a backup, so if that fate befalls him I think the most reasonable thing to do would be to trade him for a DB.
I had a good feeling about Lemonier when we drafted him, glad to see he's stepping up and I hope he can carry that into the season.
Lemonier was AWESOME last night!

Feeling very good about our OLB depth.
lol @ trading Ahmad Brooks. Pass rushers aren't QBs,....they rotate and keep help to keep your defense fresh. You don't get rid of OLBs every time you think you've drafted a future starter.
One of my favorite draftees this year. He is going to be a baller.
Only one game BUT what a game!

I'm so confident in our coaching staff will groom him like they did w/ Aldon.

What an ace in-the-hole to have.
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Totally agree with everyone's rave reviews. He looks like he belongs. Although he was mostly going against the TE (probably second stinger), he definitely won the majority of his 1 on 1 battles on the strong side edge. I want him to replace Brooks in two years so that the money saved on Brooks can be used else where.

Still a long way to go till that's a viable solution.
Originally posted by random49er:
lol @ trading Ahmad Brooks. Pass rushers aren't QBs,....they rotate and keep help to keep your defense fresh. You don't get rid of OLBs every time you think you've drafted a future starter.

This. Teams like the Steelers and Giants are constantly drafting pass rushers. It's why they've been able to maintain solid defenses over long periods of time. They don't then immediately trade one because they've drafted another good one. Sometimes you lose a good one in FA, but those are the breaks. You must have multiple sold pass rushers to be successful. Hell, it's one of the reasons our D faltered at the end of last season. Now we're going to trade one of our better players at the first sign of having better depth.
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Originally posted by GhostofFredDean74:
Posted elsewhere, but wanted to add to the CL conversation:

Combine numbers and production comparison between Mingo, Jordan (top-10 picks) and Lemonier:

Kiki Mingo - 4.58 forty, 1.55 10-yard split, 33.68 arms, 14.5 career sacks in 3 years
Dion Jordan - 4.60 forty, 1.57 10-yard split, 33.78 arms, 14.5 career sacks in 3 years (former TE)
C. Lemonier - 4.60 forty, 1.57 10-yard split, 34.48 arms, 17 career sacks in 3 years

* All 3 of their unofficial times were the same (4.53), which was tied for #1 among all DEs.

Lemonier (21, true Junior) is 2 years younger than Jordan (23, RS Senior) and a year younger than Mingo (22, RS Junior).

Just re-posting this to show how special this kid really is in terms of athleticism and production compared to the top pass rushers taken in his draft class.
I thought it was kind of shocking the way he gets off the line so quickly. He was clearly freaking that right tackle out who was trying to get back on him. He and Aldon in the same pass rushing package could be absolute misery for quarterbacks. I'm guessing they'll sub him in during obvious passing situations this year the same as they did with Aldon during his first year.
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This man was awesome. Probably my favorite player from the game. (Wilhoite a second). Our pass rush rotation should be awesome which makes me feel better about the secondary.

Edite. AND Tank is still injured. If we can get everybody healthy at the same time QBs will not be able to pass against us.
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I made some post questioning the depth of the pass rush. I would like to see Lemonier go against some 1st string RTs to see how he measures up. See if he can handle the real big boys. He easily held his own and then some against the TE last night, most likely the second stringer. If he can prove that he hold his own versus some 1st stringers, this pass rush will be damn good this season.

I saw him 'drop back' into coverage once, on a short flat pattern. The ball did not come his way. I was not able to analyze his ability to read and react to the pass. I did not see him drop back into a zone in the middle area of the field.

He has shot up on my chart of 'rookies I'm excited about'.
"You can never have too many pass rushers"

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