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New 49er Corey Lemonier

OLB? ??? What's tha reports on him????
Love this pick
Originally posted by tatdwolf49:
OLB? ??? What's tha reports on him????

McShay loves him
love the pick
Huge upside with production from an awful team!
Strengths Long-limbed end with a nice motor and a strong overall build with room to grow. Plays on both sides of the formation. Stands up at times. Showcases a good first step. Also flashes agility to drop into a zone and attack ballcarriers coming into his area. Can threaten outside shoulders of average linemen, and works an impressive rip move on the outside. Has strength and long arms to separate the ball from any ballcarrier. Works hard throughout each by Browse to Save">play, chasing plays to the sideline when needed and crashing inside for a secondary rush if stopped in his initial upfield move. Works well on twists inside, closes hard and gets into passing lanes if unable to reach the quarterback. Strong arm extension to knock back and shed linemen or tight ends in the run game. Good vision through traffic and hustle to reach the ball. Frame makes him susceptible to cut blocks, but he recovers quite well, gets back into the play to make a stop with pure effort.

Weaknesses Does not have a powerful build. Lacks great snap awareness. Looks to be stiff in the hips, and is not always flexible enough to bend the edge. Weak hands, doesn't deliever a blow on contact with the offensive lineman. Better tackles get a push against him on drive-blocks due to that leggy build. Struggles to separate when an offensive lineman engages into his chest.

NFL Comparison Andre Branch

Bottom Line Lemonier is a long and projectable athlete, who already has a nice outside rip move. Was tremendously productive as a junior, but saw his play decline as a senior. While his body type is a better fit for 3-4 outside linebacker than 4-3 defensive end, his hips appear to be too stiff to make the transition. Lemonier also lacks powerful hands, and sometime struggles to turn the corner. The fact that Lemonier does not quit on plays, and has a good motor, combined with his athletic potential will likely cast him as a second or third rounder, despite some serious questions about the translating of his play to the next level.
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Looks to be a sack guy that probably could gain a few LBS. Perfect guy to give Aldon Smith a breather.
Russ Lande has been singing his praises for some time. Had him a 1st rounder, and one of his top rated players. Good pick. High risk, HIGH reward
I live 20 minutes outside of Auburn....he was by far Auburn's only bright spot and has had a very good career at Auburn including a National Title....

Wow this is EXACTLY what our D has needed. Depth to sub in now, and for the future....

What a Draft we are having!!!!
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Originally posted by Jcool:
Looks to be a sack guy that probably could gain a few LBS. Perfect guy to give Aldon Smith a breather.
This. I think his only job will be to line up and go get the QB. Aldon Smith Lite from 2011.
cant believe the draft jim and trent are having!!!
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