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Vance "Big Mac" McDonald Thread

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Great defensive play...tugging his arm back and then ripped it straight up before VM could fully tuck it away.

Yup. It was a good throw but the ball needed to be over the shoulder more and then Krackly would be shielded by Mcdonald's body. A great throw beats that great Defense.

It wasn't even that poor of a throw as it was just an excellent play by a DPOTY candidate BUT in hindsight, you are correct...just another foot out in front and it's golden...VM certainly had a good step on him (so that's encouraging).

Agree. It wasn't a poor throw.

It was a good one. It just needed to be great to beat that great play by the D. f**k its plays like this and the b******t brees neck play that cost us the superbowl. FACK
That was just a damn good play by Kuechly. Mac could have used his body better, but great defensive play. He catches that ball. The niners win the game.. homefield advantage in the Playoffs.. superbowl?

Seems like there were a few haunting plays this year.. damn you Drew Brees....
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I hate to bring up a sore spot regarding Big Mac but does anyone have a video or gif of his "drop" against Carolina; regular season game??

This was the only game i missed during the season and never got around to watching... although i don't think i could get through the entire game... heard there was sure TD he dropped. Just want to see how it went down.


Great defensive play...tugging his arm back and then ripped it straight up before VM could fully tuck it away.

Damn... sorry i asked for it. Not a bad throw, i would even argue he helped knock it out with his own knew-- oh well-- so close.



I keep hearing how McDonald is a let down and never filled Delanie Walker shoes. I liked Delanie but McDonald hasn't been given a chance yet.

He was drafted to be our 2nd TE. He doesn't play every down. When he does play he usually is blocking and he has done a pretty good job of that for a rookie. He is a better blocker than Delanie was as a rookie. When we do throw the ball as the 2nd TE he is very, very seldom the primary target and we have a QB that focuses on the primary target and seldom goes through the progression to a secondary target. Nobody could have put up numbers under those circumstances.

Most of Delanie's catches were thrown by Alex Smith. He was very good at throwing to backs and TE's and reading progressions.

Now we have posters on this site calling for us to draft another TE in the 1st or 2nd rd. The circumstances haven't changed. They wouldn't play every down. When they did they would mostly block and even on passing plays they would seldom be the primary target. They would be lucky to see a pass or two thrown their way a game. Especially with a QB who doesn't go through the progression very often and is more likely to take off running if the primary receiver isn't open than look their way.

Our RB's seldom catch passes. It isn't because they are lousy receivers. Gore, Hunter and LMJ are all great receivers. It's the offense and the QB. Not the RB's Same thing with the #2 TE.
So is this a Vance McDonald thread or an underhanded Kap can't make progression reads thread? Either way there's dedicated threads for both.
Yay, another "Kap is a one read QB" thread!
Obvious answer is to trade Kap. Maybe we can get a 6th or 7th round pick for him, but it may have to be the 2016 draft, and it may have to be conditional.
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Obvious answer is to trade Kap. Maybe we can get a 6th or 7th round pick for him, but it may have to be the 2016 draft, and it may have to be conditional.
Wishful thinking. I say we give our first and Kap for Matt mcgloin. Atleast he goes through his reads.
Who is saying McDonald was a disappointment? I would've liked to see him get more involved in the passing game but considering his weakness was blocking I'd say he did very well growing in that regard in his first NFL season.

Let's not forget that Delanie's biggest reception total was 29 catches in 2010. He's not exactly Tony Gonzalez out there in the passing game. Vance had 8 his rookie year. Delanie had 2 his rookie year. Yes one was a 2nd round pick and the other was a 6th(iirc) but point still stands.

Niners offense hardly uses anyone outside of the top WR or two and Vernon Davis.

Vance will be fine...just has to get used in the offense and has to make the catch when the ball comes to him(something Delanie struggled with also btw)

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this is just another way for people with an agenda to bash our quarterback in my opinion. maybe the people in charge of the offense, no names mentioned but his initials are greg roman would call for more things to come his way. he will be better this year than he was last year. if a nice tight end falls to them late why not
Something i always wondered when looking at this video, is why dont the coaches tell the receiver to literally stop/slow down just before the ball gets there. the coverage man would 100% run into him, they would fall, and the flag would be thrown for PI.

Of course anyone you trust to catch the ball, they know to put their hands out for the ball at the last second so the defender cant swipe his arm. Vance better show some improvement this season, because if not, TE will be a high priority in next years draft.
How long did it take Delanie to become an integral part of our passing offense? Four years? And he still dropped half the balls thrown to him.

We draft a promising rookie who focused on his blocking his rookie year and now he's on a short leash? Give me a break.
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Yay, another "Kap is a one read QB" thread!

Yep, you would think if fans were really upset about tendencies, they'ed be all over Roman's last two years of play calling, but you know, that would actually require a little bit of brain work to review what's coming in from the box. It's just easier to lay it on the guy they can assume is only reading the rout of one receiver.

Maybe more fans should break down the psychology of an individual that exercises a uniform approach to play calling in spite of the perpetual flaws with its predictability. Maybe that same play caller has applied the same uniform approach to the leeway provided to the signal caller in HIS offensive system.

Just some thoughts to digest.

I'm with ya on the crap on Kaep threads.
That play hurts to watch. Kaepernick climbs the pocket. He couldn't have gotten the pass there any better if he ran down the field and handed it to him.
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