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Vance "Big Mac" McDonald Thread

When he lines up, looking from the rear, he looks like another OT. Also, if you go to Rice you can't be a dummy. They graduate mostly everybody and all seem to be in the sciences. Bet on it that he is smart. He looks like a really big Delanie, won't be as deft, but will be a great blocker. He is fast so he can get downfield to bloc like delanie. Like they say, the knock is that his catches aren't clean...Clean? I personally don't care if a catch is clean or not. Just matters is he catches it.
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We'll slave drive him on both sides of the
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oh that plus he's a potential starting quality TE.. Not too much to risk as a 3rd rounder...

See you guys shouldn't doubt a guy when he calls himself a bdub.. Other than the fact that my initials are BW
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You're mom delivers?
My dick is HUGE.
he carries every 270 pounds very well..built like a truck! I think they'll get him to get alittle slimmer like they did to Vernon.

I think this video shows some of the skills we're all looking for. When I this I see clay to be molded. That earlier video was older and this one possibly shows Vance can grow in all areas of his game.
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Great pick. Love all of our picks thus far. It has been unsexy draft, but Iike it
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Highest upside TE in the draft in my opinion. Perfect pick to replace Delanie really. Another Baalke-style selection.

This. I like his potential. He's a good prospect now, but give him some pro quality coaching and some time to develop and he could be an absolute monster. His size will help him become a major asset in the red-zone.
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Great pick. Love all of our picks thus far. It has been unsexy draft, but Iike it

Really? I thought the Reid pick was rather obvious, but Carradine is a hell of a pick up, that's the future replacement for Justin Smith, along with another outstanding pass rusher in Lemonier and the big, physical receiving TE that people have wanted for a long time. All their picks are guys that need to be coached up, but they've gotten some big names in there. Carradine to me was the biggest surprise, I thought he would be gone in the late 1st round for sure.

I love how we leaked that we were interested in Travis Kelce and then grabbed Vance McDonald instead.
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He looks like Patrick Swayze and another actor
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Son of Tim McDonald. Former 49er. Watch your tongue

Not quite.

Per KNBR, yes he is. Always been a niner fan

rofl no he isn't
VD had questionable hands and he fixed em. i dont have a problem with this pick. hes got size and speed, walker was too short to play TE. this guy will free up VD to get more involved in the passing game
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