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One job kick it high and far. The other job kick it far and accurate.
Punters can kick FG's but at a worse rate than Akers in the clutch.
Kickers can punt. But at a worse net than that bumb on the rams.

Worth a roster spot?
What ever happened to the "coffin corner" kick? Anyone remember the Ray Guys who were masters at punting out of bounds inside the 10 yard line or closer to the end zone? No one does that any more, they try to hang it high and hope it doesn't bounce into the end zone. As for doing both punting and place kicking as said it is a completely different motion and requires different muscle development. A few of us non kickers messed around kicking in college before practice. There were guys that could punt decent distance, but barely make extra points, then guys who could make 40 yard field goals, but could barely punt the ball back to the line of scrimmage.