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Donte Whitner aka Hitner

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ur gonna hear about 346 safeties that the niners are "interested" in the next few days. don't believe everything.


Wait, aren't you friends with Patrick Willis? Give us the inside scoop!

yeah man. we besties. ill post pics/tweets that mention me on his twitter.

Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 1m
Falcons Pro Bowl safety Thomas Decoud to be released by 4 pm EST, per source.

sign him now!
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Whitner is a dying breed - the strong, hard hitting safety that is great in run support and mediocre in pass defense. A guy with his skill set is simply not necessary in today's NFL, especially now considering the scrutiny on hits over the middle. I wish Whitner luck - he was a team leader and played hard. But the faster the 49ers move away from this concept of having a designated FS and SS the better. Give me a young ball hawk with speed to pair with Reid.

This^. Those woo hits lately seem to get 15 and a 1st at the worst times. This defense needs more picks and less penalties. I was never enamored with his coverage skills but he did bring toughness which helped back when the team was looking for an identity but that time has passed.
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Looks like Whitner leaving could help with maybe a high comp pick next offseason
the draft is really weak this year at S. We need a guy like Ward or Bethea.

Also f*ck you Whitner you traitor for leaving for the worst franchise in football.
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the draft is really weak this year at S. We need a guy like Ward or Bethea.

Also f*ck you Whitner you traitor for leaving for the worst franchise in football.
Yea f**k Whitner for making roughly 8 million more by playing for his hometown team.
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Whitner, thank you for the memories and big hits. Though, I cannot blame you for taking the money, you are no longer a niner.

So, I must say this:

or get this s**t out of ninertalk because you are not a niner!
If I had a twitter acct I would thank him for his service and wish him well in Cleveland but I don't so I won't
"Nite nite,keep ya butthole tight!!!"
Dave Chappelle

But really,thanx for all he's done,especially folding up Pierre Thomas like an envelope in the playoff game after bountygate.My favorite hit of his many bone jarring,LEGAL tackles.

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Dude is way overrated, later flagboy!
So funny hearing how amazing the Brown's secondary could be with Revis, Haden and Whitner. LOL. Yeah, didn't they say the SAME thing about the Bucs last year as well? Tampa had 4 wins.
Glad he went to AFC.
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Thank you Whitner for the great memories! the great hit against the Saints in the playoff game! One of the best hits of all time!
Thank you for the interceptions and hits while with us. I loved watching you play and wish you nothing but the best at the Dawg Pound!
I liked him, I liked his hits, but I won't miss the 1-2 15 yard penalties a game. Thanks for the help Donte. Good Luck in "The mistake by the lake".
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