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Well Revis is a known name. Based on his play. Richard Sherman is good but not known like that. Anyone who knows football well enough understand a good cornerback is never judged based on interceptions. But on yards against,catches against, td's allowed. Revis doesnt have as many interceptions cause no one dares throw his way. I hope Boldin stiff arms this fool every play next year.

this .. good post.. Sherman complained to Norton in the Redskins game that he can't be effective because they're not throwing to his side... Norton replied you don't think cuttting the field in half is not being effective? Great corners take away recievers, Deon, Green, Revis, Bailey..... NO i don't think Sherman has earned the right to be mentioned with those guys yet.. just pointing that out.

He hasn't earned the right, but that doesn't mean dude can't play or isn't playing at that level.