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Why Not Henry Melton?

Why Not Henry Melton?

He's expected to be franchise tagged, but with our plethora of picks, why don't we work out a trade for Bears DT Henry Melton? He's 26, ferocious, and fills potentially our biggest need. Teams can trade the rights to a franchise tagged player if they sign the tender. There's a speculative article on just this very trade happening between the 49ers and Bears.

Typically, a current year draft pick is worth a future year draft pick plus an additional round, i.e. a 2nd this year is worth a first next year. As a result, we could ship #31 and #61 to Chicago for Henry Melton.

This would be an amazing deal and we would still have pick #34 to take a safety or wide receiver.
#31 and #61 for Henry Melton? Awww hell naw. Nice player but that trade is whack. J. Smith and McDonald will continue to start and log most of the snaps so I don't know where Melton fits. He can't play NT at 295 lbs. Seems more like a one-gap penetrating tackle.

I don't see why he couldnt play nose...extremely disruptive
Because Melton isn't a nose tackle and defensive end isn't a position of immediate need.

Also, this is Niner Talk.
He's a 4-3 defensive tackle. Pass.
Not sure if serious?
Oh this is a nickbradley thread?