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Seattle Seahawks Draft

Originally posted by Rathmanator:
I pay attention to them because I flipping live here. On the radio here, when Carroll took over, he said plain as day "we want to run the ball and play good defense". I thought that sounded a lot like we were doing. Then that jerk did it, he drafted most of that team and in 2011, they were the mirror image of the Niners except they didn't have anything resembling a QB. I was SO happy when they let Hasselpick go. Harbs actually succeeded in implementing what Carroll was trying to do, but he did it in one year without turning over the entire roster. That had to flame Carroll. He was witnessing his plan working in SF. :)

They are very much like the Niners and lucky as hell in the draft. No way they get lucky again, but now they don't have to. I heard it was the GM that actually had the eye on Wilson and that he sold Carroll on the kid. So their GM knows what he is doing, but Baalke does too. Keep your friends close and enemies closer. When I look at that roster I just can't believe how many of them are later round picks that are starting. They are still beneath us though, our guys are more experienced and still fairly young. It wouldn't hurt my feelings at all if a few of their players got in trouble with the law or something. Namely the entire secondary. How the hell did that happen? 3 of those guys were draft picks AFTER Carroll got there and Thug-Life Browner was picked out of the CFL. Fricking chickens. Man I want them to have a bad draft, lose a bunch of games and run Carroll out of town for sucking.
Good Stuff.. made me chuckle..

Well supposedly this will be year 4 of a 4 year rebuilding period he talked about when he got here... So this next draft/offseason according to Carroll will be the one that's gets us to the promise land... we'll see..
im gonna take 7 s**ts and theyre gonna draft all of em
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