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Packers sending coaches to learn how to defend read-option

I can actually see them running it about as much but going for the pass instead of running. Easy way to throw defense off.
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Originally posted by GNielsen:
Plus, a lot of his yards were on plays where the Packers blitzed and ran past him opening up the field for a scramble run.Last season, the Niners ran Kaepernick on designed running plays 3% of the time. Newton, RGIII and Wilson all ran designed running plays more often than the Niners did for Kaepernick. Next season, I predict that they'll run the read-option as a wrinkle in the offense now and then, no more than that.

Good point. Kap as a scrambler should be how he gets most of his rushing yards next season. I can see using the read-option play in goal line situations.

If defenses are devoting a chunk of practice time leading up to a game versus the 49ers preparing to stop one play, then the read option is already effective. Kap just has to show the threat once a game and the play action out of the pistol will buy him more time to throw.

I believe the NE game had a bunch of run calls that looked like read option, but was a pure give to the RB. Roman will do that just to f with the defense.
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