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Darelle Revis vs Richard Sherman twitter battle

All I have to say is WOW. There is a funny comment battle going on at You have to check it out.
here are some excerpts

Brock: Richard Sherman is a egotistical, self absorbed , big headed freak that is more likely to end up in the nuthouse then in the hall of fame!

Doug: He's no smart marketer just another hot-headed athelete who can't control what comes out of his mouth. Granted I think he likes the attention, but there's no way he's smart enough to think of that strategy himself.

you have to check them out. it is hilarious
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I do not really care if x is a better cornerback than y.

The way Sherman runs his mouth is, in and of itself, is a problem.

If by "the best" he means, 6th best, then yes. Sherman is "the best" cb.
I still wish we would have gotten Revis on a one year rental instead of Nnamdi's broke down behind.
Grimes came back in stellar fashion after his injury.
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