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Alternative name for the Redskins


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Originally posted by hondakillerzx:

Occupy Washington
Washington Raccoons
Washington Tax-Beneficiaries
The Washington Fighting Furloughs
Originally posted by Harbaalke:
This has become a political issue and its terrible especially from the MEDIA who have NO backing on this 8 of 10 Native Americans do NOT find it offensive. Their is nothing negative about the name REDSKINS, usually the ones that complain have no clue, like their song goes:

Hail to the Redskins!!

Meh. I need to go to a reservation and say, what up redskins and see if they get mad. Have a feeling they just may.
Just call them Washington...
Originally posted by GolittaCamper:
Just call them Washington...

washington washingtons
dollar bills

Originally posted by zaghawk:
dollar bills

Washington Benjamins
Washington, Denzel
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Pink Panties
Washington FC.
I still think the best one is to not change the name and just make the Mascot a potato.

Their owner tends to go full on potato most of the time anyway.
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