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Alternative name for the Redskins

Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
Washington no1curr

lol this lol
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Washington Football Nationals
Washington Minutemen
why would they change, its established.
Originally posted by 9erObsession:
Washington Minutemen

I like this one
The Washington Georges
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
I like this one

Don't know if it is historically accurate for the area though. And it's too close to the Patriots and their cute little firing squad they have at games.

And by cute I mean it sucks and I hate the Patriots and their cheating organization.
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Wsshington Enslavers
Washington football Bullets
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This PC crap is a joke. So we can no longer acknowledge that people have different skin colors? I guess we can call them the Washington Native Americans.

Originally posted by boast:


f**k... you win
Washington Red Dots or Feather
I believe the writers in Washington have banded together to not use redskins anymore. I think they refer to them as the Pigskins now. That sounds good to me. They already have the hogs. It's along those same lines.