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Alternative name for the Redskins

Originally posted by pdizo916:

Damnit man!


Washington Palefaces
Washington Car Jackers
maybe their original team name.. the Tornadoes.

1932: After the Newark Tornadoes folded the franchise was sold back to the NFL. The players and spot in the league would eventually be handed over to George Preston Marshall who wanted to place a team in Boston. Marshall named his team after Major League Baseball's Braves, whom they shared a stadium with. The Braves made their debut on October 2nd losing at home to the Brooklyn Dodgers. A week later the Braves would beat the New York Giants 14-6 for their first win. The Braves would go on to complete their first season with a 4-4-2 record under Coach Lud Wray.

now ain't this something...

1933: Now led by Lone Star Dietz, a Native American Coach, the team moves to Fenway Park. With the move the team also undergoes a name change becoming the Boston Redskins. The Redskins would alternate wins and losses all season and would finish with a 5-5-2 record.

I was kidding about Tornado but I hope they select a good name... why not the "Washington Natives" ? I mean they can still keep the same logo and colors.

I don't want them to go all crazy and try to modernize the team... "Washington Hashtags"
Also to be changed and why.......

Minnesota Vikings. Could be seen as offensive to Scandinavians and Swedes.
Cleveland Browns. Could be seen as racist.
New Orleans Saints. Could offend athiests, and people of non Christian religions.
Tampa Bay Bucs. Could be promoting piracy.
Tennessee Titans. Could offend short people.
Dallas Cowboys. See Redskins.
New England Patriots. Sounds to "Pro-America" for the mainstream media, not PC
New York Giants. See Titans.
Kansas City Chiefs. See Redskins.
Oakland Raiders. See Bucs
And last,
Your San Francisco 49ers. 49es were miners, according to CA enviromentalists, mining is bad for the environment, cant promote mining.

Baseball would be fun to look at.

Leave the names alone, just because some one is offended, they should get over themselves.
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Snyder has already came out and said he will never change the name. Goodell won't force it. Other owners won't force it.

only way it ever gets changed is if people stop showing up to games and that will NEVER happen. Skins are the 2nd most profitable team in the ENTIRE league.

FedEx is the largest stadium in the league (over 90K) and it sells out every game.
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Washington Kamikaze's with a WW2 Japanese fighter plane as their logo, would also be an accurate description of their performance out on the field.

The Washington Drive-By's or the Washington Federal Government Shutdown could work as well.
Washington DC3
washington shutdown
Washington Apaches

Personally, I like Redhawks. But read this:

Washington Piscataways
why dont they just change their name to the Washington Indians?

Washington Palefaces .....
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I'm an Ojibwe from Minnesota me , me and my people could care less about a mascot or team name ...we have enough problems to deal with,, the only thing that bothers us is racist jerks telling us to "get over it" ...... It seems to me the main people complaining are the urban native Americans that use this mascot b.s to call attention to themselves , the majority of them don't know jacks**t about our culture ... Personally I hope they keep the redskins name, there is a lot of redskins fans in my hometown, not once have we heard anyone b***hing about it here , if we have any issues with anybody , it's the racist jerks that preach hatred towards us ......we are peaceful people go ahead Dan Snyder , use the name ,,,,,just don't kick us when we are down
How Washington F U our name is the Redskins
Overpriced pussies
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