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Dan Marino fathered a child out of wedlock

seems like a personal matter.
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Oh you b*****d
Originally posted by Crazy49er1313:
Who cares?

@ least he didn't pull a Travis Henry

For real.

She was 35 at the time, I bet she did it on purpose. Last chance for her to get preggers and by a millionaire no less. Smart woman.
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Me too! Guess I'm a sinner!
Who cares.
Execute him.
like the old song, "And the Beat Goes On."
Now we know who Kap's real father is!
Most athletes have this issue.

Girls are attracted to guys with big muscles and big wallets and will naturally want to reproduce with that kind of man. In their heads, and in reality, Its better then to have a kid with some scrub who works at gamestop.

Who f**ken cares were 49ers not a f**ken fish
That's practically standard play in the Mission District.

I'm busy picking out my SB menu.
Originally posted by 228niner:
what does this have to do with our 6th ring, SB week is crazy


Originally posted by Jcool:
Originally posted by pdizo916:
Good for him. PIcs of the slut?

Could've been worst...

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