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How to save the probowl

I haven't watched it in years.

Excellent comment RishikeshA - I remember that. When asked what he thought about the game Vince Lombardi said, "It's a losers game for losers." I agree.

The Pro Bowl is so boring and meaningless. I'd much rather they put on something like "A Football Life" like the NFL Network has.
bring back the skills competition.
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Eric Stangel ‏@EricStangel

Guy just suggested to @MikeFrancesaNY instead of Pro Bowl, Jets should play Patriots & switch QBs. I'd watch!!

Ian Rapoport ‏@RapSheet

@EricStangel @MikeFrancesaNY that might be the best idea I've ever heard.

Albert Breer ‏@AlbertBreer

@RapSheet @EricStangel @MikeFrancesaNY That is an awesome idea. Would answer LOTS of questions on both sides.
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lol @ the losing team paying money. not 1 person would go.
As much as I don't like the Pro Bowl "festival", it's garners ridiculously high ratings (it beat out our beloved Giants World Series), so theoretically, it doesn't need saving
The pro bowl is fine. It gets good ratings, its a tradition, and all the turnover of "injured" guys opting out just helps showcase the up and coming stars who didnt quite qualify for the selection in the initial vote.

People just like to watch their team get represented, and they like to see all the best players in the NFL together having fun. I dont see why its always on the "hot seat".
Two thoughts:

A. No

B. End it
the pro bowl is a joke most of the players opt out and its just a bunch of scrubs playing half ass.
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Richard Deitsch ‏@richarddeitsch

People bang on the Pro Bowl- and it's ugly TV -but it averaged 12.5M viewers last year. For comparison, this year's World Series did 12.7M.
skills competition is still the way to go. 40 yard dashes, weight lifting, strongest arm, most accurate arm, longest FG...etc

Stop playing soft like a bunch of poosey's
Will still watch because it is football. Also it feels good watching it this year knowing we will be playing next week!
Oh now they want to play since the 49ers and ravens are not in it.
won't watch

redundant event for years now

going to watch The Raid: Redemption on my DVR like a bauce instead
haters gon hate. i like the pro bowl, especially all the mic'd up and watching some fun football. its even sweeter this year doe
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