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Anthony "Boobie" Dixon...aka Dixie

Happy for him.

I think he'll earn his way into getting more play time. And from there, that will be his opportunity to stay on the field.

They have a good young QB with potential. If anything, Dixon will help pass block on 3rd downs if they need...and go out for a checkdown as well. Spiller is their 3rd down RB I believe, but Spiller can also split wide...and maybe both Spiller and Dixon will be in the backfield.

looking forward to Dixon running through the Patriots and giving them might be reaching there, but with the chance of BIG Wilfork not being there... there will be opportunity.
Well done big Dix.

This guy was all heart on and off the field, didnt even give up his jersey number without a fight. He rep the 49ers in the best light. And will keep earning for every opportunity.

Wish him all the best.
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I wish Boobie the best, he was a spirited 49er when he was with us. He reminds me of Michael Robinson of Seattle. After we let Michael go, he had a great career at Seattle.
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I'm still kind of sad about this
Def a hard worker who truly earned his right to play for the Niners. I can honestly say I will not miss his meaning less tweets 200 times a day.
It's good for him and us. Our RB position is too full. He was not and would not be getting any playing time. It frees up our position depth chart a little more for some of the young guys.
RIP! It was fun while it lasted.
Originally posted by dara:
Originally posted by BadgerHawk:
I'll miss yelling "Boobie" when he makes a play. Good luck Mr. Dixon. Godspeed.

lol really? when has he ever made a play

Watch the whole game, not just the sportscenter highlights, bra'.
Originally posted by fropwns:
Happy Trails, Booby. Thanks for the enthusiasm and heart!

Yep. Cheers, Boobster.
Good for him. I really wish we could've gotten a ring before the band begins to slowly break up. Particularly guys who played under Nolan. Although Dixon wasn't here that long (played under Singletary for a year), he gave his all but was a victim of the numbers game. Hope he tears it up in Buffalo.

He had a really nice game. Blocked a punt, and had a nice TD run.
I like how his name is basically Boobie Dixon now in Buffalo. I never hear anyone call him Anthony on the radio out here
The only Big Dix I loved in SF...

That being said, just goes to show how rough the league can be… we cut Dixon because on paper we had Gore, Hyde, and Lattimore in similar molds and then Hunter and LMJ as change of paces, so yeah the loss of Dixon aint too bad.

Fast forward to today and its hard to find a fan that wouldn't say "resign him at once" with out current predicament. Football, the inexact science.
He'd be great insurance right now, but I wonder if Roman would even use him. I think Carlos Hyde should've been averaging 10 carries a game out the gate and we can't even get that. Dixon would be great depth, but would probably be used as much as he was for four seasons in San Francisco.
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