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The Rooney Rule

There has been recent news from the NFL voicing displeasure with the lack of minority coaches being hired. All 8 replacement coaches were white, so now the NFL is looking into how increase the requirements.

I personally feel like minority coaches should feel insulted by the Rooney Rule in the first place. Nobody wants to feel like their time is being wasted. How many times has a minority coach had to go interview with a team, knowing they wanted someone else, but just had to fill a requirement?

Were living in a day and age where the President is black. Sports in general was one of the very first areas of American culture that become blind to skin color in terms of job opportunities. I think every sports owner agrees that winning comes first and foremost, and whoever is the best man for the job will be hired.

I feel like minority coaches would rather make it on their own merits, than have the NFL hold their hand and force teams to give them an interview. Seems pretty disrespectful actually.
I'm more concerned about the lack of black owners. Damn rich white people with their wine.
Originally posted by JoseCortez:
I'm more concerned about the lack of black owners. Damn rich white people with their wine.

Anyone with a billion dollars can own an NFL franchise. Problem is they very rarely are up for sale. Even the worst NFL teams still make a profit, so theres no reason for anyone to sell.
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I agree with you Niners99. If I was a minority, I would feel insulted by the Rooney Rule. Its one of those things, you know, good intentions.....

There was a time for it, when a white coach would get multiple chances and just retread and retread.

Now, that rule is dumb. Look how many minority assistant coaches there are.....PLENTY.

Looking at the hiring across the league, they all seem pretty solid. So the NFL is crying because no minorities were hired? WTF/LOL

They are MINORITIES. Meaning, there isn't a lot of them, so obviously since there is less of them to hire.........

The NFL is just worried about an image problem.

Didn't all those teams follow the Rooney Rule? What else do they want? Affirmative Action in the NFL? Out of 32 teams there must be such-and-such minority coaches? What a bunch of bull jive.
This is only a story because the media keeps insisting on making it a story.
Originally posted by Janitor:
This is only a story because the media keeps insisting on making it a story.


Looking at the story on PFT most of the comments were the teams hiring the best man for the job and those comments had a lot of thumbs up.

It's not a problem because there is nothing to suggest that there is some grand conspiracy to hire white people over minorities and owners are going to hire the best man for the job.

So if you're looking for where the issue is at it's in the college ranks and that's where the ire of the media should be. Most NFL coaches didn't just become NFL coaches and a lot of them spent time coaching in the college ranks. So if the NFL is having a problem with the amount of minorities it has then it's because that college pool to select from is small.
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Let the owner hire whom ever he wants, It's his money! Why the heck do you want to work for a guy that you think is racist anyway, if that was the case?! Better yet get rid of Goddell and replace him with a minority.
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In some respects the argument for the rule is that it gives greater exposure and increases the interviewing experience of the minority candidate. My only counter against is that, in the end, the success of their work is what got them the interview. I would much rather it be judged on the merits of their ability. Not on how they interview.

Professionally speaking I have interviewed many people for my work and some who interview well just nosedive the minute you give them work. Personally speaking I did not interview well and I've progressed through my firm pretty well.
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Let us do the math, I believe 12% of the US population is black so if 4 head coaches are black that is representative of the population. We had 5 before Lovie and Romeo lost their jobs, now there are 3, I don't see a problem. Also it is the best man for the job, the NFL isn't filling an Affirmative Action quota.
Why aren't there any Asian or Spanish head coaches?!?! RACIST!!!!
One of the dumbest rules ever. Next thing you know, they'll go through the stands to ensure there is a "diverse" fan base. I said it before, and will say it again, this diversity garbage they shove down our throats is going to be the demise of many businesses, and our nation.
I'v always wondered why the racial minority isn't supposed to be the coaching minority? Is it supposed to be a 50-50 split? What really is wanted? If you are are African -American and you are a good coach in the NFL you keep your job. Mike Tomlin for example. If you don't you get fired. Caldwell got fired in Indy because he failed without Peyton Manning. Shocker right?! Did he get jobbed? Probably.

If I was African-Amercian and I received one of these token Rooney-rule interviews I may take it as an insult. Out of all the coaches that were hired this offseason, at least half will be fired in the next 2-3 years.

To me, black or white doesn't matter. Right now a coach I am most impressed with is that young man who took over for Harbaugh at Stanford. To me he has that "it" as a head coach and I think he's gonna go very far.
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I love the question, "What is the NFL going to do about no minorities hired in 8 vacancies?" The question should be, "What will minorities do to improve their chances to get hired in the future?"

For example, here are some things that minority coaches could do to make them more attractive in the future. One, it appears (and maybe I am mistaken), that teams prefer offensive coaches to become head coaches in the NFL, and there are very few minority offensive coaches in the NFL (the best minority coaches appear to be defensive coordinators). Minority coaches should target to become offensive coordinators in the NFL, and from there they will be in a better position to become head coaches. In addition, the NFL is starting to look at successful college coaches for their head coaching vacancies, and there are few minority HC in college. So minority coaches should pursue more college coaching opportunities.

The bottom line is that instead of brow-beating the boss to hire you and "give" you the position based on your race, how about if you instead take control of your future and determine what you can do to succeed? One is a victim mentality, and one is an empowered mentality.
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