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Are the 07-12 Patriots the 90-94 Bills?

Curse of Spygate
I don't think the 07-12 Patriots are this era's equivalent of the 90-94 Bills. You might have to look to a different sport to find a perfect allegorical relationship to these Patriots. Based solely on the 6 year span you've outlined, I'd say they resemble an amalgamation of the '80s Bengals and Andy Reid's Eagles, that is to say they were in the playoff hunt almost every year (Eagles, except for recent seasons), but when they finally broke through they lost in closely contested Super Bowls (Benglas in XVI and XXIII and Eagles in XXXIX). Again, not a perfect comparison, but a few similarities to it.
Originally posted by Jcool:
What if the Patriots make it this year and we blow them out? We had them down 31-3 at one point this year.

I would still say no. It would be close tho.
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