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Did Erron Rodgers curse his team for this game by welching on his bet with Boyz II Men?

Originally posted by HALCIONDAZE:
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Originally posted by MarkD:
I can't stand the Packers or the fans. They are the most irritating self centered dip s**ts out there.

Talked to any Seadderall Fans lately?
ARodg looked bloated A F in that playoff game.

I remember they replay his facial gesture and he did like a sighing burp in slo mo.

Clay Mattews is ok in my book because he gave high praise to Keapernick after he tapped dat ass. Clay could've easily hated on the niners and Kaep but he kept it professional.
This was my exact thoughts during that entire Divisional game, and that even the Jags could have destroyed that Vikings team.
After welching on the jersey bet and his rabid defense of that lying cheating braun dickwad, I have zero respect for discount double dork. f**k him, he can eat a Dick along with the packers and their entitled fans.
We should sign his baby brother Jordan to the PS and run 11 man blitz on him during a full contact practice for pay back.
First it is wearing an Alex Jersey if they lost a game...

Now it's a year's salary.
surprised you haven't seen this already

yeah AR is a dirty douche
It's real simple..don't make bets you won't keep.
Aaron Rogers?

Or Carlos Rogers?

Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
Aaron Rogers?

Or Carlos Rogers?

thank god we have spellcheck members like you or nobody would know who he was talking about..
doesn't deserve another thread

kthx, bye
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c'mon man, ur embarrassing us in front of the Seaddarall fans!
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