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Call me Crazy, Does the NFL community and Fanbase watch us more than we know?

Call me Crazy, Does the NFL community and Fanbase watch us more than we know?

Ok here me out fellas, and if mods you wish to close the thread no problem

There's been a few things that ever since they happened to our team, i've heard certain comments, seen actions, or heard things that seemed to have started with our team. I said close the thread because maybe my mind is just working OT.

Here are some issues.

1. Moss scoring week one TD,( i think it was his first one)..... Ever since that TD, and he pointed to the back of his jersey numbers. LIterally every week, when watching NFL redzone, i've seen tons of WR's, Rb's, and other offensive players scoring, then do that same move....(just seemed after we did it, now i see everyone doing it)

2. Alex Smiths' benching (some believe when injured, some because his time was up).... Regardless of what any of us believe. I use this one because has anyone else noticed that since that time. Any player injured when speaking to the media, either has a comment about staying on the field, or injury not that bad, or i have to be in the game to help my teammates if im healthy.

Yesterday with the interview with RG3, and please i dont think anyone is taking Smith into the consideration, lol. Just funny in his choice of wording, "I'm the starting QB of this team, and i feel that i give them the best option. So if i feel that i can be out there and play and lead this team, then i will." Then after the interview Deion, Irvin, Faulk and company discussed if he should of been in there, and they all agreed yes.

They were like look at the progress he's made, he led them to this, to that, and he's helped them get as far as they have so he def should of played. He was entitled to that. Was shocked because soo many of us said ur not entitled to anything in the NFL.

3. Mccarthy's comment.... "Definitely, it will definitely help with Kaepernick, and (the 49ers) ran some, a little bit withAlex Smith, prior to our first game," McCarthy said in his Sunday media conference. "So, you'll look at all those components. They've had an extra week to prepare, so there'll be some new wrinkles, as there always is, but at the end of the day, we've established our brand of football. And that's what we're taking to San Francisco and that's what we're taking to San Francisco to win. It's not going to get any cleaner than that for us.

"We're not going to sit here and start making up things and trying to chase ghosts and worry about schemes that are out there. We're going to stay focused on things that we do.""But at the end of the day, personally, I think you've really got to keep your eye on the target and make sure you're focused on the things that are about successful football, and that will start as we do our gameplans and make sure that we don't get too far away from who we really are."

Which is?

"We are who we, we really like who we are as a football team," he said, "and that's what we're taking to San Francisco."

Used that one because lets be honest, not saying he's taking a shot at us. But we have went away from our gameplan since the QB swtich. We are not as much of the running team we used to be. We pass more because we have a QB who can throw it better. We use the pistol more now, and even Gore said he's still trying to get used too that. Not too mention the Rodgers comment in regards to Smith. Top 5 QB, etc etc, he should go to a team that appreciates him.

Overall, if my mind is just playing tricks on me, please close this thread, but thought it was just kind of funny noticing.
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