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Originally posted by Muggins:
Originally posted by WRATHman44:
Originally posted by Wodwo:
Originally posted by Muggins:

Ball was swatted out, not dropped, so no tuck rule.

Wish this was a FOX game, so Peirrera (sp?) could explain that
You should follow him on twitter. He said that was a good call.

Thanks (I don't tweet. No one needs to know what I think on a inute-by-minute basis)
f**king refs
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nevermind, thought the flag was for a hit
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This is what the Seahawks do and get away with.
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Even if he doesn't jerk him lol
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Masterful drive by Peyton.
Tackling fuel?

I has none
Originally posted by smithgdwg:
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Originally posted by TlSSER:
i miss madden and the old guy (pat summerall?)

they were epic; however, they were commentating during the EPIC cowboys and niner dynasties.

I miss Madden writing on the screen.

Pregame in SF has started on FOX
Ray Lewis running on fumes.
f**king refs are just trying so hard to get the Denver/Manning story a SB victory...
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Smart Football ‏@smartfootball

It's terrible RT @richarddeitsch: Is it me or is Dan Dierdorf talking non-stop during this game, including moments where we want nat sound?
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Originally posted by Mr.Mcgibblets:
f**king refs are just trying so hard to get the Denver/Manning story a SB victory...

Don't forget about the no-call on blatant pass interference that led to Baltimore's pick-6.
Originally posted by smithgdwg:
Vegas didn't think so....

Bet if you play that bs interference call side by side every Seattle play by Sherman and Browner you see more contact from Seattle with no penalty called.