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Which Team do you want at the stick on 1/12?

Depends on our injury status. I'm [like all of us] hoping Justin is ready to go.

GB is my first choice.

Seattle has the more potential to cause injuries and hurt our progress towards the Super Bowl.
theres no chance we play the vikings.
I want Green Bay. We can run on them. And I like our safeties and CBs against their WRs.
i do not wanna see the packers.
WILL BE GB and we got that, I really believe this, think kaep could have a hell of a game like 4 tds
I'd like to play Green Bay too
doesn't matter.
I think we match up best against the packers. They can't run, we can cover them effectively and generate a pass rush, they can't stop the run and shouldn't be a huge problem for us in pass protection. Matthews is back but we handled him last game and can again. I don't think Seatle can beat us again but I do think that game will be very physical. So for that reason I'd rather not go through the seahawks meat grinder. Washington is maybe the most dangerous team in football and they just keep winning. The good news is we can defend the read option well and RGIII is hampered but that knee is getting better each week. The benefit to playing either the skins or hawks is they will beat the hell out of each other this week.
As a Seattle fan, I'm hoping (praying) for a Seattle vs. San Fran NFC Championship.

This has turned into a fantastic rivalry, which we've been missing since the early 2000's with St. Louis.

It's a lot of fun to have two teams that have absolute battles on the field.

Which to me is what the NFC Championship should be. Filthy, bloody, heated rivalry where the players, coaches, and fans hate each other.
i don't care.

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