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***NFL Wild Card Playoff Weekend Thread***

Boring game. Texans stink.
Just tuning in to the thred. Clements is having a good game at SS. I wish some fans would have suggested moving him there (for years), while he was a NIner. I think he tackles almost as well as Whitner, but he has better length and ball skills (Whitner got an INT this year, but he had to catch it about 4 times).
I think Cin wins this and min pulls the upset of the year
Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
Boring game. Texans stink.

Definitely not the team I thought they where at the beginning of the year.
What a boring game i will stop watch it in a few minutes
Bring on the vikings...
the natti is weak
C'mon Cincy...get something going on offense.
Count on Manny Lawson to f**k things up with a crucial holding penalty. So glad that jackass is outta SF.
Originally posted by RealShaloop:
I think Cin wins this and min pulls the upset of the year

No way in hell. Texans might be playing "bad", but the Bengals are downright horrid on offense. They had -6 passing yards in the first half.

The only reason the Texans are playing "bad" is because they can't capitalize. They've kicked 3 FGs in the redzone. Sounds like us last year, to be honest. Bad redzone playcalling seems to be the main reason why they're not crossing the goal line.

Speaking of which, the Texans just scored. 16-7.
Man Joe Webb sucks. GB got it.

Ponder inactive for tonight's game.
f**k ponder. He has no heart.
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Wow. Joe Webb who has not thrown a pass this season is starting. lmao
Looks like GB coming to town next week
Originally posted by pdizo916:
f**k ponder. He has no heart.

Pretty sure he's legit hurt if he's not playing.
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